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7-24-19 Duane out front photo


Go Raptors I just got my new Toronto Raptor shirt – Go Kawhi Leonard #2. I have been supporting so many teams that never win, I figured that I would support Toronto. #2 being from Inland Empire and an Aztec made it easy. But I loved Fred VanVleet’s final games. Wichita State Shocker, listed at […]

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On Season The basketball season is over. It finally ended halfway thru June. Good to see the underdog win this year and yea for Canada. Off Season Now the off season begins in earnest. Already the LAKERS have gone big and arranged a trade for Anthony Davis. They did mortgage the future a little. As […]

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Patriots and Paws Golf Tournament


Winners and Losers Gary Woodland wins the US Open at Pebble Beach. Brooks Koepka does not win his third open in a row and Tiger finishes down the line. I was in Las Vegas the week before the Open and happened to be in a Sports Bar picking up some Clemson earnings from New Years. […]

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The year is over; all the brackets are done. The big question is, "How did you do?" In a contest of 68 people I finished 58th. Last year I picked Virginia, one year too early. This year I picked Gonzaga. I thought that I was going to do well, but I lost to people who pick by the team's mascots. Thinking back, after all these years, I cannot remember ever winning one of the bracket contests. But I still believe that I will win next year. The final games were excellent. Many of them came down to one last shot, one last foul, one last miss. A radio host last week was lamenting how bad NCAA basketball has become; impossible to watch. Well, the last games put that to rest. You could make a good case for so many teams to win: Auburn, Texas Tech, Belmont, Wofford, and other teams who have never won, a category that includes Virginia. Virginia’s coach, Tony Bennett, is outstanding and they deserved to win. He is 49 and looks 25. I followed his dad when he won titles at University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and the University of Wisconsin. Makes me feel old, because when I played against Green Bay, they were a two year extension school of the UW. While at UWGB, Tony set a record for 3 point shooting, 49.7% and won the Naismith Award for Best Player under 6 foot. He played a few years in the NBA and then around the world. He followed his dad as coach at Washington State and then he went on to Virginia. This could be the first of many championships as he coaches tough defense. His defense is called, pack the line and it was designed by his father. You force the ball into the middle of the floor which helps close passing lanes and there is more weak side help. One expert said that it is like a boa constrictor choking out an opponent. In a few years we will be hoping that someone beats UVA because they will be winning many times. Bennett has already won the Hank Iba coaching award (three times), the only other person who has done that was John Wooden. Can you imagine what these two years of winning will do to UVA recruiting? Great story about Tony’s life in Wikipedia. Worth a read. See you next year for another MM.


The Big Question, “How Did You Do? The year is over; all the brackets are done. In a contest of 68 people I finished 58th. Last year I picked Virginia, one year too early. This year I picked Gonzaga. I thought that I was going to do well, but I lost to people who pick […]

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15318907 - los angeles - june 30, 2012: a sunny day dodgers baseball game at dodger stadium.


Only in America You can trot around the bases, state you do not hustle all the time, and blow bubble gum bubbles when you run to first base in a World Series and someone will pay you $30M for 10 years. Only in America. Harper will get around $40M a year, right. And Koufax and […]

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Heisman Winner: Big Real Estate Winner

Roger Staubach Won The Heisman At The Naval Academy He served in the Navy in Vietnam as a Supply Corp Officer (which already makes him a winner in my mind after being one in Germany),won a Super Bowl MVP and many other NFL honors, and then went into Real Estate. Result: Forbes recently named him […]

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