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On Season The basketball season is over. It finally ended halfway thru June. Good to see the underdog win this year and yea for Canada. Off Season Now the off season begins in earnest. Already the LAKERS have gone big and arranged a trade for Anthony Davis. They did mortgage the future a little. As […]

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Patriots and Paws Golf Tournament


Winners and Losers Gary Woodland wins the US Open at Pebble Beach. Brooks Koepka does not win his third open in a row and Tiger finishes down the line. I was in Las Vegas the week before the Open and happened to be in a Sports Bar picking up some Clemson earnings from New Years. […]

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15318907 - los angeles - june 30, 2012: a sunny day dodgers baseball game at dodger stadium.


Only in America You can trot around the bases, state you do not hustle all the time, and blow bubble gum bubbles when you run to first base in a World Series and someone will pay you $30M for 10 years. Only in America. Harper will get around $40M a year, right. And Koufax and […]

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