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eviction notice letter posted on front door of house

Steve Duringer: Evictions Q&As

  There are six people who are outstanding writers, they are students of Duane Gomer Education past and future, and I consider them all good friends. Number 3 in our series is Steve Duringer.  A student years ago, he is now an Eviction Attorney in Southern California.  If I ever have an Eviction problem, he […]

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Evictions, Evictions, Evictions

Steve Duringer of Duringer Law Group is My Favorite Eviction Guru. His firm is outstanding. Fortunately I have not had to use his services in a long time (and please let’s go longer), but if I need an Eviction completed, he is the one I would call. He authors a fine monthly newsletter. His latest […]

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Question Seems like more and more of my prospective residents have past due balances on their credit reports and outstanding collection accounts. Years back I wouldn’t even consider someone with a collection account, but if I did that now, I’d have an empty building! What do you think?   Answer According to a recent study […]

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