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I Meet The Nicest People

The Gentleman In The Photo Is John Bradley Jackson Official title: Director of the California State University-Fullerton’s Center for Entrepreneurship, founder of its first startup incubator and professor of entrepreneurship. Also, author of many books on Entrepreneurship, Management, Social Media, Marketing, etc. My favorite is First, Best, or Different: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know […]

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I Meet The Nicest People

Some of my photos and posts have already mentioned that my son, David, was inducted into the Crespi High School Hall of Fame on February 3rd. These two photos show a picture of Mo Freedman, his Crespi coach, and the “bio” about David in the program. Needs no explanation. Go Clets.

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My Dick Enberg Story

© Photo by San Diego Padres Anyone Who Is Interested In Any Sport Knows That Dick Enberg Was A Master Announcer Of Many Sports NFL Football, Tennis, UCLA Basketball, Padres and Angeles Baseball, Boxing, Horse Racing, Golf, Olympics, and many others. And everyone from superstars to staff  have mentioned constantly what a wonderful and charming person […]

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Christie O

Person Of The Year

So After Some Thoughts From 2017, Time For The Last One And It Is Important Annually, we normally honor a speaker as Speaker of the Year.  For 2017, we wanted to recognize a staff member instead.  Not just any staff member, but Christie Olson, our #1, General Manager, Coordinator, Den Mother, Cheerleader, The Rock, Organizer, […]

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Heart Health

Amazing Story About Two Neighbors

Rod Carew, The Hall Of Fame Baseball Player, Lives In Our Area That Is Called Coto de Caza. His children attended the school at our church, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Rancho Santa Margarita. Konrad Reuland went to Mission Viejo High School which is close to our office in that city. He was an outstanding […]

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jocelyn (2)

I Know The Nicest People

This photo is of Jocelyn Sy, 2016 graduate of the respected Soka University, and now a valued Registrar at Duane Gomer Education. I am delighted to announce that she passed the State Real Estate Exam with flying colors two weeks ago. In Our Company, Everyone Who Has Been here For Over A Year Is Licensed […]

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todd duncan and duane1

I Meet The Nicest People

This is Todd Duncan and Duane Gomer at Lunch in Costa Mesa Following is a description of Todd from one publication, and I could not list his accomplishments any better. However, in my mind, his biggest accomplishment is marrying Debbie Morris, a true friend (I met her when she was 16 and living in beautiful […]

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karen and duane

I Meet The Nicest People

This Is Karen Bates, President Of The California Association Of Mortgage Professionals The other fellow is a person who spoke at her Annual Conference the first week of August in really beautiful Coronado. Thank you CAMPers for hosting the affair. Karen was installed as President at the function. She is owner with her husband Ken […]

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