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Going to The Seminar at NAR

In a previous post I stated that each year David Knox from the Twin Cities is one of my favorite instructors at any National Association of Realtor’s Convention. Why? He is quick, witty, does outstanding voice impressions, has excellent content for salespersons, energetic and charming, etc. etc. etc. It is a pleasure to watch him […]

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Heard a good comeback from a Senior to a Millennial. The young was mocking the older in saying “You know nothing about games, apps, or browsers.” The older said, “Yes, but I can read cursive, tell time on a clock with hands, know how to change a tire and how to write a check.” Want […]

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Things To Do Now!

1. Google yourself and check what people are saying about you. 2 Get a signature file in your email. Sending out business emails without a signature file giving contact information is like giving out a business card with only your name. Don’t know how to do it? Find a 10 year old kid. 3. Go […]

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Sophie Kurys


Do you remember the movie “League of Their Own” with Tom Hanks (“There Is No Crying In Baseball”)? This was a story of a Women’s Baseball League during and just after World War II. Recently, one of the super-stars, Sophie Kurys, passed away. She was an unbelievable base stealer for the Racine Belles, which was […]

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Close up vertical low angle portrait of smiling multiethnic diverse employees pose together look at camera laughing. Happy young multiracial workers friends have fun show unity. Diversity concept.


Be Careful Out There: Best story: A speaker was projecting a live example of a real estate agent rating site, “Incredible Agents.” He pulled up the listings of agents in the city in which he was speaking and started to read. A rating said, “This agent was the worst agent in the history of mankind. The only thing […]

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People Celebration Wine Toast Happiness Success Concept


Google says that they are a “snack taken at the bar with drinks.” Our youngest daughter on her birthday got to select the restaurant and went Basque again. This means TAPAS. To me, Tapas are, “extremely small portions, extremely small plates, and extremely high prices.” I want more than a tapa; I want a birthday […]

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