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Figurines, award, Oscar. The concept of Victory, games and winnings. Background Win and Play

Academy Award Nominations Are Out

Best Movies Nine movies this year. Ford v Ferrari, The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Joker, Little Women, Marriage Story, 1917, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, Parasite. DJ and I have a lot of catching up to do. Two movies that you should see even though they did not make the cut. “Knives Out” a mystery-comedy type; […]

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Great Jobs

Love What You Do A student said recently, “I would love your job, you just talk all day.”  I’ve had some great jobs.  One in Germany years ago was Athletic Director for USAF Germany, running Sports Events all over Europe. At Indiana University, I worked nights in the Girl’s Dorms making sandwiches, milk shakes, etc. […]

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Suspicious black sport bag from luggage left unattended in the terminal of the airport or train station. Concept of terrorism and public safety.

Homeland Security

Sus Speaker Story Best speaker story of the week from a great Political speaker on a holiday cruise.  “Homeland Security wanted to do a test so they took four briefcases and filled them with fake bomb parts.  They placed them in four USA airports.  Despite the many announcements of “Don’t leave baggage unattended“, the results […]

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American Soldiers Saluting US Flag


Transitioning According to a recent CareerBuilder article, nearly 250,000 service members transition out of the military every year. Not only are small businesses providing jobs for veterans, they are reaping the benefits of some great tax credits. Powerful Skill Set Veterans offer a wide variety of skills and qualities that could benefit your business. A […]

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Man in suit driving car and holding mobile phone near the steering wheel

Phone Story

Hard Loss On a seminar trip I left my phone somewhere. As soon as possible I bought a “pre-paid phone.”  That is what CVS calls them as I kept asking for a throwaway or drug dealer phone.  It cost only $7.99 for a phone, home charger, car charger, earplug, case, plus a lot of introductory […]

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Gomer The Trapper

Life in Suburbia DJ & I live in an area on the Eastern-most border of Orange County.  We see many animals including deer, coyotes, condors, and an occasional mountain lion, etc. Some time ago I purchased a Gravity Catch and Release Cage Trap to try to reduce the rat population. When I catch a rabbit, […]

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Vacay 2019 2


John Hancock Tower I posted this photo on Facebook a few days ago, and many people knew the answer. In front of a green screen, but it was on the 94th Floor of the John Hancock Tower on Michigan Blvd in Chicago, Chi-Town, Windy City, the toddling town, etc. Michigan Avenue The Magnificent Mile on […]

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Landscape with colorful summer flowers


By Leslie Eskildsen:  Weekly Columnist with the Orange County Register and other Southern California News Groups, Duane Gomer’s neighbor, friend; Realtor at Realty One Group, Coto de Caza; DGS Real Estate Student Don’t wait to capture season’s colors in listing pics. Whether or not you have immediate plans to sell your house, there are some […]

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