California and Wisconsin on New Year’s Day

It’s The Weather

When I was in high school, I remember a Rose Bowl game where Michigan beat USC badly. Then, I went to a movie in a hellacious snow storm. Remembered for many years. Every year when there is sun in Pasadena on the New Year’s day broadcast and cold east of the Rockies, many people decide right then to move west like Horace Greely recommended.

I came and stayed and decided to pay the housing premium for the weather. Of course, we will get all the payments back years later when we sell our final home. That snow may look good on Hallmark movies, but is ain’t no fun when you have to shovel, clean your windshield with a credit card, and try to start a diesel engine in the cold. And don’t forget the humidity in the summer and mosquitos the size of sparrows. But you will love it.

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