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Man searching employment in a bad job interview with the interviewer looking mistrustful

What Would Be Good Questions To Ask When Interviewing

Interviewing Prospects In our Property Management Series the topic of interviewing prospects was discussed at length. In my opinion there are three facets to personnel situations.  They are hiring, training and managing.  When I look back on errors that I have made (and I have made many), I believe that I screwed up the most […]

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Organization Training and Skills Upgrade as Concept


Don’t get Ghosted The sub-title of this article is: “How to ensure new hires show up and job candidates don’t suddenly vanish.” We had a couple customer service people move away, one had a baby, so we were in hiring mode. Ghosting has happened to us, and we are nice people. Play by Play Candidates […]

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Want To Land The Better Job?

Yvon Nguyen, CEO Of VANT4GE, A Marketing And PR Agency In Orange, CA. Gave A Recent Talk To Cal State Fullerton Business Students The Topic: “The Business of You” and discussed the fact that landing a job these days is all about branding and marketing yourself. I am always amazed at how many marketing and […]

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