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Happy friends or basketball fans watching basketball game on tv and celebrating victory at home.Friendship, sports and entertainment concept.


First Place Is The Place To Be From my Webster’s: To be first or best in, or as if in a contest. Lots of discussion about winning right now involving World Series, football, round ball, elections, etc. There are thousands of famous quotes from famous people about this topic such as winning is the only […]

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Group of cheerful senior friends sitting and watching TV together

Oscar Odds

All of the prognosticators in the film industry are now posting their ideas on Oscar winners. Most of them are not very good. If you want good information for your yearly Oscar poll, you would be better off checking the Screen Actors, Directors, Producers, and all the other Guilds. There is a more interesting source. […]

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Pour red wine

Valentine’s Day Is Coming Fast

Traditional or Non-Traditional, Make Your Celebration Special If any of you have been reading or listening to my rants, you know that I believe that days like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and others are commercial holidays. Recognized and promoted by restaurants, florists, card companies, and others. You will notice the […]

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