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midsection of male judge striking gavel while holding scale with money in courtroom

Great Story In Another Department Of Justice Penalty ($29M)

Moral Of This Story: Buy A Whistle The DOJ and Walter Investment Management doing business as Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) agreed to this settlement. The allegations were that the defendant submitted false claims for debenture interest and for the reimbursement of unlawful referral fees stating that they were sales commission. The transaction involved foreclosed properties, […]

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Test Your Knowledge

In My Different Classes There Are Many Questions That A Majority Of The Students Fail To Answer Correctly I would like to present a few of them here for your enjoyment. The answers follow the questions. In California our loans involve a lender- Beneficiary, a borrower-Trustor, and a Trustee who handles reconveyance or any trustee […]

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Memories (A Post From 3-12-13)

Do You Remember The Movie “League Of Their Own” With Tom Hanks (“There Is No Crying In Baseball”)? This was a story of a Women’s Baseball League during and just after World War II. This week one of the super-stars, Sophie Kurys, passed away.  She was an unbelievable base stealer for the Racine Belles. As […]

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empty glasses set in restaurant. part of interior


Google Says That They Are A “Snack Taken At The Bar With Drinks.” Our youngest daughter on her birthday got to select the restaurant and went Basque again. This means TAPAS. To me they are, “extremely small portions, extremely small plates, and extremely high prices.” I want more than a birthday meal; I want a birthday week […]

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Lindsey Gomer

Lindsey Gomer Scores Again

#1 Granddaughter Lindsey Gomer Just Called With A Great Message She passed the Brokers Exam 1ST TRY. Of course, she used Duane Gomer, live crash course. Lindsey now has passed the exam for Sales License, Brokers License, and the NMLS Mortgage Endorsement. Reminds Me Of When She Was A Freshman At Louisville High School After […]

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CSUF Has A New Book

California State University Fullerton Has An Excellent Entrepreneurship Program In Their Business School I have always been a supporter of this type of degree. Not all students are programmed for being a career executive for some big, big firm. John Jackson of the school has asked me to discuss my background at some of their […]

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What Can You Do, That No One Knows?

The Other Day I Mentioned That I Was Working On Some Tax Accounting For Duane Gomer, Inc. The person said “Don’t you have an accountant?” I said that I am an accountant. Yes, I was schooled as an accountant, interned as an accountant, was an accountant in the Navy, and worked as a Civil Servant […]

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