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The Real Estate Salesperson They stood before the Pearly Gates, Their faces were scarred and old. They stood before the man of fate, For admission to the fold. What have you done? St Peter asked, To gain admission here? We’ve been real estate agents, sir, For many and many a year. The Pearly Gates swung open […]

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Going to The Seminar at NAR

In a previous post I stated that each year David Knox from the Twin Cities is one of my favorite instructors at any National Association of Realtor’s Convention. Why? He is quick, witty, does outstanding voice impressions, has excellent content for salespersons, energetic and charming, etc. etc. etc. It is a pleasure to watch him […]

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Heard a good comeback from a Senior to a Millennial. The young was mocking the older in saying “You know nothing about games, apps, or browsers.” The older said, “Yes, but I can read cursive, tell time on a clock with hands, know how to change a tire and how to write a check.” Want […]

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People Celebration Wine Toast Happiness Success Concept


Google says that they are a “snack taken at the bar with drinks.” Our youngest daughter on her birthday got to select the restaurant and went Basque again. This means TAPAS. To me, Tapas are, “extremely small portions, extremely small plates, and extremely high prices.” I want more than a tapa; I want a birthday […]

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Happy friends or basketball fans watching basketball game on tv and celebrating victory at home.Friendship, sports and entertainment concept.


First Place Is The Place To Be From my Webster’s: To be first or best in, or as if in a contest. Lots of discussion about winning right now involving World Series, football, round ball, elections, etc. There are thousands of famous quotes from famous people about this topic such as winning is the only […]

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Group of cheerful senior friends sitting and watching TV together

Oscar Odds

All of the prognosticators in the film industry are now posting their ideas on Oscar winners. Most of them are not very good. If you want good information for your yearly Oscar poll, you would be better off checking the Screen Actors, Directors, Producers, and all the other Guilds. There is a more interesting source. […]

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