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Jay Mills with Duane


It is with pride that Duane Gomer Education selects Jay Mills as Speaker of the Year for 2023. He certainly earned any recognition he receives.Jay is a favorite of our students presenting our Notary and Real Estate Courses. Our staff greatly appreciates the professionalism he exhibits, as well as his crucial contributions to the organizational […]

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Doug McCauley

An Interview With Doug McCauley California Department of Real Estate Commissioner

The Commissioner of the California Department of Real Estate, Doug McCauley, was very generous with his time and allowed me to interview him on his two year anniversary. I asked him the questions that I thought licensees would ask if they had this opportunity. His candid and open answers should help us better understand the […]

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I Meet The Nicest People : Don Currie

For many years I have been writing a series, I Meet The Nicest People. Today, I’m pleased to highlight Don Currie, Co-Founder and President of HighTechLending of Irvine, CA. He is definitely one of the nicest.Don Currie and Erika Macias established HighTech in 2007 after many years of experience at Impac Lending. With over 100 originators, 200 staff, […]

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Duane Gomer Looks Back At 60 Years of Real Estate

In The Beginning In December of 1961 I received a Real Estate License from the California Department of Real Estate, Number 00257862. It is now December 2021 and I am still licensed and working. That is 60 years plus.  This journey started after I had received a BS from Indiana University, an MBA from UCLA, […]

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Jeff Lazerson

Mortgage Grader Jeff Lazerson is a friend, a student of Duane Gomer Education, a very active Mortgage Originator, and a columnist in our local Orange County Register plus 10 other newspapers in Southern California. He is an outstanding writer both from style and content. Periodically, I believe that his columns should be read by any […]

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Bill Dwyre Talks College Football Coaches

Sportswriter Bill Dwyre was the Sports Editor for the LA Times for decades and I have always enjoyed his writing. He is still writing columns for the Times.  On December 1 he wrote a column entitled:  “See ya, stinkin’ Lincoln. So long smelly Kelly”. Obviously, he has some strong views on the college coaching carousel.  […]

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Viersen, Germany - May 9. 2021: Closeup of huey lewis and the news vinyl record cover

Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis and the News. A favorite of so many fans. A couple years ago it was announced that he would not be singing on any new albums. He was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a disorder affecting the inner ear that can trigger spells of dizziness and hearing loss. He could no longer hear the […]

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february 24, 2017: forbes magazine list of the worlds most powerful people.number 15 warren buffet the ceo of berkshire hathaway.

Warren Buffett Speaks

Retirement Advice From Warren Buffett If you are ever going to listen to anyone, this might be the man. Isn’t it amazing what he has accomplished from his little home in Omaha with no big handoff from his parents? Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to put some money with him when he was getting started? […]

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