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Real estate manager and house flipping and management concept as a person juggling three homes as a residence manager or property agent managing a business challenge for profit.

Property Management Questions

Last Week Somebody Asked Me For Any Ideas On How To Grow A Property Management Company The answer I wrote might be of interest to other readers so it follows: Join Apartment Associations and attend their meetings. Get your CPM designation through NAR as soon as possible. Start on the courses so you can state […]

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Pet Income: For Landlords

Hotels Are Looking For More Business And aggressively offering rooms to pet owners with slight or no service charge. Some even offering grooming service and cooking for pets. Landlords: Consider that according to the AVMA, a veterinary association, 36% of Americans have dogs and 30% have one cat or more. They need housing. You Say That They Will […]

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Question Seems like more and more of my prospective residents have past due balances on their credit reports and outstanding collection accounts. Years back I wouldn’t even consider someone with a collection account, but if I did that now, I’d have an empty building! What do you think?   Answer According to a recent study […]

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