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Let’s Talk Security Deposits

Security Deposits Are Misunderstood  The maximum amount a Landlord can receive as a security deposit, however designated, cannot exceed two months’ rent for unfurnished units or three months’ rent for furnished units. If the money will be placed in your regular account instead of a trust fund this might be required to be mentioned. You […]

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Relationship Management on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

Property Management Questions

Trade Tips Somebody asked me for any ideas on how to grow a Property Management company. The answer I wrote might be of interest to other readers, so it follows: Join Apartment Associations and attend their meetings.Get your CPM designation through NAR as soon as possible. Start on the courses so you can state that […]

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Test Your Knowledge of Real Estate

Questions Can a person without a real estate license sign on a broker’s trust fund?According to DRE which is a more serious violation in a trust fund? Conversion or Commingling?Many people have paid off their California houses. What percentage do you think have mortgages on their homes now?A person leases a furnished apartment for one […]

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