What Do You Think of Those Four Playoff Games?

Who Will Move Forward

Four games, three decided on a game ending field goal and one went to overtime. (Will the owners ever realize how important field goal kickers are to their success and draft them and pay them well. And quit playing in Wisconsin snowstorms.)

Now for the odds on who will go all the way. Bet $100 and win the following amounts: KC-$130; LA-$200, SF-$475, Cinn-$750.

The individual game odds from Las Vegas Insider;  KC -7 and 51 O/U; LA-3.5 and 47 over/under.

Interesting to the odds that you could have gotten pre-season on Super Bowl Winner: Bet $100 and win the following amounts: KC-$475, LA-$1,200, SF-$1,300, and Cinn-$15,000. It would make the games very interesting if you had a little bet on the team from the City of Seven Hills (and I do not mean Rome). Go Bengals and Joe Burrow. 

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