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masked thief stealing data from computers

As Mark Twain Said, “Her Death Announcement Was Premature”

Last Week While Reading Facebook, I Saw A Strange Posting It stated that a young lady, a Facebook/Real Estate friend, had died suddenly.  She’s active on Social Media so there were many shocked comments with questions about conditions, etc. on her FB page but there was no response.  Friends tried to call her, etc. etc. […]

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Robocall Calls

Are They Increasing? Let’s hope with the primary elections over they might go down a bit. Let’s hope so. I got the, “Grandpa, I am in trouble call” and the “You owe the IRS money call” recently, and I do not need the updates from the Santa Rosa fires since I am about 400 miles […]

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Informative New Web Page; OAG.CA.GOV

This Is The Site Of The California Attorney General His name is Xavier Becerra. He was appointed by Jerry Brown to replace Kamala Harris when she was elected to the US Senate. When appointed, he was a 25 year member of the US House of Representatives representing a District from Downtown Los Angeles. His background […]

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