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Duane Gomer Education Gets Monthly Grades From CFPB

Excerpts From NMLS Surveys of Our Students Check them out. Positive and well managed course;  Looking ahead for next year’s class again;  A real learning experience;  A+;  Funny and knowledgeable;  Will use them in the future;  I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else;  Sense of humor is very effective in keeping me attentive and […]

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MLO CE: Duane Gomer Up Close and Personal

Classes Have Started Come to a seminar. You do not want to sit at a computer for hours, so remember our mantra, “LIVE is Better”. See Duane Gomer LIVE Following are some of the locations where I will be teaching personally.  See you there. Looking forward to seeing you old timers. Laguna Hills – August […]

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What Would Be Good Questions To Ask When Interviewing

Interviewing Prospects In our Property Management Series the topic of interviewing prospects was discussed at length. In my opinion there are three facets to personnel situations.  They are hiring, training and managing.  When I look back on errors that I have made (and I have made many), I believe that I screwed up the most […]

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Real Estate Vocabulary For Buyers and Sellers

Pocket Listing Pocket Listing:  This is a listing of a broker member of the local Multiple Listing Service that is not placed into the Service. Do all listings have to be submitted to Multiple?  No. Exceptions are: Listings for apartment houses, commercial buildings, etc.Listings out of the local area not covered by the Multiple. Listings […]

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