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Discover the Top 10 Reasons Students Prefer Duane Gomer for Their California Real Estate Education Needs

#1.  WE ARE A CALIFORNIA SPECIFIC EDUCATION COMPANY: Why is that good for you? Many companies offer courses all over the United States and are not well versed in the nuances of getting licensed in California. You can be assured our staff, instructors, and authors know the confusing regulations of California well, and we provide proper and […]

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New California Department of Real Estate Commissioner

Governor Gavin Newsom has appointed Chika Sunquist, Department of Real Estate Commissioner. Duane Gomer Education commends this appointment after working with her when she was in charge of Mortgage Loan Originator matters at DRE. Currently, she is Assistant Commissioner of Enforcement. She has been at DRE since 2006 and worked in many different important roles. […]

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Ten-year rate hikes freeze up sellers in property markets; Monthly Statistical Update (June 2023)

The Monthly Statistical Update (MSU) keeps agents and brokers current on the market trends affecting California real estate transactions. This month, we’re covering: the rising Federal Funds rate, which is directly causing adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) rates to jump in 2023; rates on mortgage insurance from private insurers contrasted with the FHA, making mortgage borrowing even more expensive for homebuyers […]

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The online dictionary definition states, “The joy derived from the misfortunes of others”. Have you ever felt a little pleasure when some athletic team loses? An election loss by someone you do not respect? Etc. Etc. One example from my past involves the Boston Celtics and Red Auerbach, their long time very successful coach. They made […]

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A NEW 2023 LAW

To qualify to take the Brokers Exam, an applicant must show that they have two years licensed experience in the real estate field or a college degree with a major or minor in real estate or equivalent experience in real estate related occupations such as escrow or lending. The experience must be within the five […]

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masked thief stealing data from computers


The Spring issue of the NAR Magazine had an excellent article on this topic. The local Realtor and National Realtor Magazines are always worth the time to review. There is a valuable quote at the end of the offering. By Tim and Julie Harris from their book, “Old School Etiquette for a New World Communication”. “Communicate […]

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Years ago every licensee received a DRE Quarterly Bulletin by mail. Everyone would immediately go to the section that showed the penalties imposed on licensees in the previous quarter. Many times you would see someone you knew or knew of. In today’s market this information is posted on the DRE Website. Enter Summary of Enforcement […]

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17531167 - irs card on desck with tax files


There was an interesting overview of the IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights in a Tax Tip email sent to me by the Internal Revenue Service (hope you are now a subscriber). The overview includes 10 important categories of rights of which you should be aware. #1: The Right to Be informed: Be told what you have […]

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Now is the time to start eating better and being active. Later might be a few minutes too late. The following article from AARP (if we can’t trust AARP, who can we trust?) gives you some information on Superfoods to add to your grocery list. Lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation and slash stroke risk. […]

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