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Millennials Using Social Media With Icons

Facebook Users Have Grayer Hair

Facebook Users 79% of 18-49 year olds use Facebook while only 40% of 65ers+ use it. This is a decline for the 65ers+ demographic compared to past years. With new apps springing up, Facebook has some true competition. Facebook has more than 2 billion users and is used by 74% of Americans.  Facebook has the […]

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More Networking

I Was Having Lunch At Claim Jumper Years Ago With My Very Good Friend Terry Yapp He is a highly respected Real Estate Practitioner in Mission Viejo. I met him when he was farming my home in MV years ago. When the bill came, it was his turn to pay. He put his credit card […]

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We Get Emails

Great To Hear From Our Students. Here’s A Recent Sample: “Good Morning Duane; I was in your Code of Ethics class yesterday. ¬†Wanted to share a little story with you that is related to your exercise you had us do meeting someone new. Networking. I am licensed and practicing in Jupiter Florida, where I have […]

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