Big LCD panel with television stream images and remonte control in hand

There Is Nothing On The Telly

New Programs I beg to differ. DJ and I have been watching many programs since the famous day of March 15, 2020. One day after DJ’s birthday but the start of our personal lock-down. And many of them have been entertaining. However, so many times I can sit down with hundreds of channels and hundreds […]

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Own the Packers

Ownership Shares Living in Wisconsin from birth to college graduation I was a fan of the Packers. Some years ago I read an article that mentioned that I could be an owner. So for $300.00 I have owned a share for a few years. For the first time in 10 years the Pack is offering […]

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Pour red wine


Typical Fees Google defines corkage as:  A fee that a restaurant charges when a customer brings their own wine.I have known this word for years and have paid some fees on special occasions for a special wine or champagne. Knowing arithmetic I should have been inquiring and paying the fees more often. Many fine restaurants […]

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Duane's Mother

My Mother

Adages On the 24th Of October my mother would have been 109 years old. Breast cancer shortened her life to 79 years. Hate any cancer. Some years ago I posted a Mother’s Day Recap. Time for a repeat. In a recent post Bishop John H. Taylor quoted Bern Williams, “Sooner or later we all quote […]

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Interest On Residential Security Deposits

State Regulation There is no State Regulation requiring that landlords pay tenants interest on their security deposits. However, many cities have such a regulation. The list keeps changing but some of the cities include Berkeley, Los Angeles, Hayward, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Watsonville and beautiful West Hollywood. If you have a rental in […]

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