Some More Myths Of Real Estate

#1-  Can A Notary Notarize A Document For Their Buyer In A Transaction? Yes, the laws allow it, but lenders and escrow companies and your broker might not like it. #2-  Is It Legal For A Broker To Work For More Than One Company? Yes, if the companies all agree. #3-  If You Have An […]

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What Are The Rules About Taking The CalBRE Exams?

Tips To Taking The State Exam: The salesperson exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes with 150 multiple choice questions (1.3 minutes per), 70% passing grade. The broker exam is 5 hours with 200 multiple choice questions (1.5 minutes each, broker questions must be considered more difficult, you think), 75% passing grade. Exams are offered […]

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Wells Is In The Penalty Seat Again

Wrote This Article On Thursday And An Announcement Came Out On Friday It is a done deal. After all the troubles that they have had over the recent years, they are now in “early stage discussions” with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over possible new penalties. These problems stem from their practice of charging for […]

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What Are Your Chances Of An IRS Audit?

You Finished Your Taxes You drove to the Post Office that was open till midnight, and mailed your return. For many years I did drive to the Post Office on Sherman Way in Van Nuys. Then, things changed and I started driving there on October 15th. You know the drill. Now That You Have Sent […]

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What Would Warren Do?

My Friendly Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Adviser Just Answered That Question Warren Buffett’s holding company latest purchases were Apple at $168, Bank of New York Mellon at $51, U.S. Bancorp at $50.  He also “trimmed” some of his shares in American Airlines (only 1 million shares), and he still holds strong positions in many airlines. Kiplinger […]

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Are You Ready For Some Baseball

Spring Just Sprung And A Young Person’s Attention Turns To Love Or Baseball There are some interesting starts for some teams, good or bad. And some non-California weather which was very cold. Many games were postponed and that does not happen much in Baseball. Anybody Grow Up In Snow In April? I did and that […]

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Myths Of Real Estate

All BRE Licensees Are Realtors False, the Realtor Associations are basically Trade Associations, optional to join, and fees are required. Some of the people who do not join include many Loan Brokers, Property Managers, Commercial Agents and licensees inactive at the moment. Right now about 180,000 Realtors and 240,000 not Realtors. All Realtors have access […]

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california state assembly is the lower house of the california state legislature.

More Stuff Happening At CFPB

Being Involved In Mortgage Loan Originator Education I closely watch what is going on at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It can affect my income and the income of sons, grandchildren, wife, staff, etc. The organization is about eight years old now, but changes they are acoming. First, I have already many times relayed that […]

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