MLB Salaries

$1,000,000 In 1966 Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax held out for a bigger salary. They both had great seasons and were the stars in a winning World Series. Sandy had earned $85,000 and Don $80,000 for the prior year. They decided to walk in together and demand $1,000,000.00 over 3 years. Branch Rickey said that […]

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toy brick bank building sitting on solid gold assets as illustration of too big to fail banks. repeal of dodd-frank could jeopardize the assets of large investment banks

Number of MLO’s in California

Three Types of MLOs There are three types of Mortgage Loan Originators in California: Registered: Employees of Banks, I call them the FDICersState Licensed Department of Real Estate MLO’sState Licensed Department of Financial Protection and Innovation In the latest figures available there are approximately 52,800 of State Licensed MLO’s split fairly evenly between the two […]

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Viersen, Germany - May 9. 2021: Closeup of huey lewis and the news vinyl record cover

Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis and the News. A favorite of so many fans. A couple years ago it was announced that he would not be singing on any new albums. He was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a disorder affecting the inner ear that can trigger spells of dizziness and hearing loss. He could no longer hear the […]

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17531167 - irs card on desck with tax files

IRS – Safeguarding Taxpayer Data

IRS Resources The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has a lot of resource material for so many aspects of business. Take advantage of them. One I recently discovered concerns problems in protecting client’s data and avoiding lawsuits, loss of money and penalties from different agencies. This specific guide is one that I recommend.  It is written […]

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American Soldiers Saluting US Flag


American Soldiers Saluting US Flag According to a recent CareerBuilder article, nearly 250,000 service members transition out of the military every year. Not only are small businesses providing jobs for veterans, they are reaping the benefits of some great tax credits. Veterans offer a wide variety of skills and qualities that could benefit your business. […]

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Tennis Anyone?

Women’s National Open I watched some of the National Open Women’s Tennis. Outstanding. Inspiring. Loved it. However, I would not call this match Women’s Tennis; the finalists were 18 and 19 when they stepped on the court. They are teen-agers. Their world rankings were 179th (345th earlier in the year) and 73rd. The main draw […]

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Man searching employment in a bad job interview with the interviewer looking mistrustful

Questions You Cannot Ask a Job Applicant

Illegal Questions We are hiring a customer service representative and personal assistant. It has been a while since I have interviewed and my staff thought that I might brush up on my questions, especially since we are still in a pandemic. Found an interesting source that listed 58 Illegal Job Interview Questions attributed to the […]

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Big LCD panel with television stream images and remonte control in hand

TV Watching Update from Duane And DJ

So Many Options There are so many different programs, different actors, different streamers, and other watching possibilities. AND our regular network season shows are getting ready to come back, it is September people. Waiting for Black List, New Amsterdam, The Equalizer, Emily in Paris, Zoey’s Playlist, old faithful NCIS and others. Just watched the Michael […]

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