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Points of First Contact

Points of First Contact Just finished a CAMP Conference in Coronado. It reminded me of a course that I was required to attend at Indiana University before I could graduate with my BS in Production Management. The Course Was “Introduction to Interviews” And I believe that the course was a major reason for many years […]

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Guest Writer Bob Hunt – Small Claims

Bob Hunt Is An Outstanding Writer And Friend He has written an article on Small Claims Court. Hopefully, none of you will ever have to go there, but if you do, you should be prepared. This article will prepare you. Thank you Bob for allowing me to share this. Small Claims Court Manual Is Helpful […]

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Advice From The Real Source, CalBRE For Real Estate

Just Read An Article From The CalBRE Website It is called, “We Can Cut Your House Payments in Half.” Everyone should read it. Even the gurus like Phil Immel should read it and pass it on to his clients. The opening sentence: “You should be aware that sometimes the claims made in advertisements do not […]

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Potpourri The Supreme Court Will Reconvene On Oct. 2nd The one case that I will be watching regards the Redrawing of Congressional Districts, addressing whether redistricting can be unconstitutional if it’s too partisan. One Study Rated The AI Assistants It placed them in this order: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple. Sorry¬†Siri. Kiplingers Says That The […]

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Libor, We Knew You All So Well

Libor, We Knew You All So Well For so many years when a Mortgage Loan Originator was asked, “What index is used for this adjustable loan?” Most of the time, the answer was LIBOR. Now there could be others such as 11th District Cost of Funds, 10 Year Treasuries, Moving Treasury Average. That was not […]

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I Meet The Nicest People

This Is Karen Bates, President Of The California Association Of Mortgage Professionals The other fellow is a person who spoke at her Annual Conference the first week of August in really beautiful Coronado. Thank you CAMPers for hosting the affair. Karen was installed as President at the function. She is owner with her husband Ken […]

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