2023 is Here. Time to Renew, Recharge, and Reflect.

Dear Friends,  2023 is here. Time to renew, recharge and reflect.. 1) Every DRE renewal must now complete an additional 2 hour Implicit Bias course and a 3 hour Fair Housing Course with an Interactive Participatory Component. Want to view a sample of the course? Click here. Then, sign up for your renewal for only $60. Good for both […]

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Appetizer crostini, tapas, open faced sandwiches with pear, prosciutto, arugula and blue cheese on white marble board. Delicious snack, appetizers


Google says that they are a “snack taken at the bar with drinks.” Our youngest daughter on her birthday got to select the restaurant and went Basque again. This means TAPAS. To me, Tapas are, “extremely small portions, extremely small plates, and extremely high prices.” I want more than a tapa; I want a birthday […]

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American Soldiers Saluting US Flag


The other day I heard some expert on a very sophisticated podcast answer a call-in question concerning VA Loans. The person said, “I am considering getting a VA Loan”. The expert responded that they should stop considering it because their fees are too high then went on to another boilerplate topic. I thought that Veteran […]

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Pour red wine

Is Alcohol In Moderation Good For You?

Lots of disagreements on this subject. Some time ago, the New York Times published an article by Aaron E. Carroll that stated that one to two drinks are “good for your health.” It created many responses with many disagreeing with that statement. So the author published a follow up story with more data, and he […]

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business man present diamond house model


There are hundreds of designations in the real estate field. Whenever I see a new one I like to ask, “Who awarded this designation to you”? It is amazing how many companies and associations give designations. There was one that I achieved and all I had to do was attend a four hour meeting, pass […]

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Top view of office worker's desk - work with financial reports, analysis and accounting, tables and graphs, various office items for bookkeeping


There are many people today asking the question, “Are we headed for another 2006-2008 Recession?” Of course, nobody has the answer to this problem and many pundits are predicting the end of the world as we know it. However, the problems years ago were caused by the lending practices of the financial industry. This was […]

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17531167 - irs card on desck with tax files


IRS has always been an adversary for taxpayers. I am a small business owner so that opens up even more possibilities for problems. BUT, I have just discovered some very helpful information from the IRS via email. And some have saved me money. AND, there is more than just one email. Titles include Tax Tips, […]

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A yellow house on yellow background. 3d rendering


Accessory Dwelling Units: The California Department of Housing and Community Development has one definition – ADUs and Junior Accessory Units (JADUs) are an innovative and effective option for adding much needed housing in California. You might want to read the SB 9 that became effective on January 1, 2022. Many changes to State regulations that […]

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