Great Jobs

Love What You Do A student said recently, “I would love your job, you just talk all day.”  I’ve had some great jobs.  One in Germany years ago was Athletic Director for USAF Germany, running Sports Events all over Europe. At Indiana University, I worked nights in the Girl’s Dorms making sandwiches, milk shakes, etc. […]

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Suspicious black sport bag from luggage left unattended in the terminal of the airport or train station. Concept of terrorism and public safety.

Homeland Security

Sus Speaker Story Best speaker story of the week from a great Political speaker on a holiday cruise.  “Homeland Security wanted to do a test so they took four briefcases and filled them with fake bomb parts.  They placed them in four USA airports.  Despite the many announcements of “Don’t leave baggage unattended“, the results […]

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Time to Pass the State Real Estate Exam

LIVE Exam Preparation Why should you consider our LIVE exam prep class? Because it is the best. Do not take our word for it. Here are the comments from just one class: “She was wonderful, answered all questions, gave great real life examples and gave great explanations.” “Great and knowledgeable Instructor.” “Great and awesome instructor.” “Instructor […]

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Advertising Commercial Marketing Strategy Promotion Concept


Suggestions Last week a student asked me a question about advertising. My answer to her might be of interest to other salespeople. On advertising I have no perfect answer. My recommendations on what someone should do is establish an email data base and start sending something you write personally at least once a month. Work […]

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NAR 2019 Conference & Expo

November 8-11 The 2019 NAR Conference this year is in San Francisco on Nov. 8-11. Keynote speaker is NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson. This is the real estate industry’s largest trade show of the year. An ideal chance to learn, network and broaden horizons. So much to choose from. They even have a pet adoption […]

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Millennials Using Social Media With Icons

Facebook Users Have Grayer Hair

Facebook Users 79% of 18-49 year olds use Facebook while only 40% of 65ers+ use it. This is a decline for the 65ers+ demographic compared to past years. With new apps springing up, Facebook has some true competition. Facebook has more than 2 billion users and is used by 74% of Americans.  Facebook has the […]

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American Soldiers Saluting US Flag


Transitioning According to a recent CareerBuilder article, nearly 250,000 service members transition out of the military every year. Not only are small businesses providing jobs for veterans, they are reaping the benefits of some great tax credits. Powerful Skill Set Veterans offer a wide variety of skills and qualities that could benefit your business. A […]

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House auction concept. Gavel in front of model of house.

What Some Advisors Tell You

Judicial Foreclosures I’ve had some more questions about Judicial Foreclosures recently.  Homeowners are worried about having a judgment deficiency rendered against them. No non-recourse loan (Loans put on at time of Purchase of a home) can use the Judicial Foreclosure.  A Judicial Foreclosure takes about 1 ½ years to get to court and there is […]

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Portrait of female student biting her nail and feel nervous to face exam

Test Taking

Passing the Exam Our little boutique company earns money by assisting people to pass different exams including Notary, Real Estate, Mortgage, and soon we want to try Insurance and Appraisal.  We are always looking for the latest data on test taking. There was a recent study done by the University of Chicago.  If you grew […]

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Relationship Management on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

Property Management Questions

Tips on Business Growth Last week somebody asked me for any ideas on how to grow a Property Management Company.  The answer I wrote might be of interest to other readers so it follows: Join Apartment Associations and attend their meetings.Get your CPM designation through NAR as soon as possible. Start on the courses so […]

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