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Need Advice, Seek The Greatest

Great Quotes I am considering some new ventures for 2022. Yes, I am still venturing. Wrote my first article at 15 for the Milwaukee Journal (High School Sports for Racine, WI) and am still writing these little emails. I am paid more than in 1946. So I checked the famous quotes of Wayne Gretzsky. They […]

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TED Lasso and Apple TV

Best in the West In a recent email I asked if I should get Apple TV solely to watch Ted Lasso. Several kind people took the time to respond and the consensus was unanimous, “Go for it”. And so DJ and I did. Will be finishing the last two sessions tonight. The verdict; Best in […]

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When Can You Break A Lease In California?

Acceptable Reasons This is not something for you to try without talking to a professional but, (these statements come from Chris Barta, JD. Mitchell Hamline Scholl of Law, writing for NOLO): You are starting active military duty.The rental unit is unsafe or violates health or safety codes.Your Landlord harasses you or violates your privacy rights.If […]

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MLB Salaries

$1,000,000 In 1966 Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax held out for a bigger salary. They both had great seasons and were the stars in a winning World Series. Sandy had earned $85,000 and Don $80,000 for the prior year. They decided to walk in together and demand $1,000,000.00 over 3 years. Branch Rickey said that […]

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Number of MLO’s in California

Three Types of MLOs There are three types of Mortgage Loan Originators in California: Registered: Employees of Banks, I call them the FDICersState Licensed Department of Real Estate MLO’sState Licensed Department of Financial Protection and Innovation In the latest figures available there are approximately 52,800 of State Licensed MLO’s split fairly evenly between the two […]

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Viersen, Germany - May 9. 2021: Closeup of huey lewis and the news vinyl record cover

Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis and the News. A favorite of so many fans. A couple years ago it was announced that he would not be singing on any new albums. He was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a disorder affecting the inner ear that can trigger spells of dizziness and hearing loss. He could no longer hear the […]

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