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One Of Our Loyal Students: “I couldn’t believe my good fortune today walking into my class and the real estate legend, Duane Gomer, was the instructor teaching the class! I took My first class from Duane in 1981. Great class, great stories and super knowledge. Thanks, Duane! — with Duane Gomer at Downey Association of REALTORS®.”

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From My Websters: To Be First Or Best In, Or As If In A Contest Lots of discussion about winning right now involving World Series, football, round ball, elections, etc. There are thousands of famous quotes from famous people about this topic such as winning is the only thing, everything, second after breathing, second place […]

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New Agency Disclosure Bills

The State Of California In Their Fashion Has Passed Two New Bills AB 1289 and AB2884. They were sponsored by CAR. On both bills the final votes in the Assembly was 80-0 and in the Senate 39-0. Not too much controversy. CAR calls them “clean-up legislation” and they changed large segments of the Civil Code […]

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Memories: The Year 1972

This Was An Outstanding Bantam Team (Mostly 9th Graders) Did well. Should have won it all, but the Head Coach screwed up. We should have run a spread with the talent we had. Lost in the final game 6-0 to the Reseda Rams. On one of the last plays of the game, we had a […]

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I Have Met Some Memorable People

Years Ago I Worked As The Civilian Director Of Athletics For U. S. Air Force Europe running events all over Europe. It was the heyday of athletics in the Military. We had All-Americans, All Pros, College Stars, and talented youngsters. In basketball I worked weekends as an official and got to do several championship games. […]

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I Meet The Strangest People

This Time The Strange People Are From My Office Last Month You can probably guess which day. Reading from left to right you have Mary Sivak, as The Great Catsby. Christie Olson as a pirate, Trista Ramirez as a Price Is Right contestant. Next we have Lana Solovyev as a scarecrow, Grace Mangalus as an […]

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More Networking

I Was Having Lunch At Claim Jumper Years Ago With My Very Good Friend Terry Yapp He is a highly respected Real Estate Practitioner in Mission Viejo. I met him when he was farming my home in MV years ago. When the bill came, it was his turn to pay. He put his credit card […]

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