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FORECLOSURE UPDATE: SB 1079. On September 28, 2020, Senate Bill 1079 was signed into law. It granted a right of redemption or first refusal to purchase a foreclosed residential property to tenants, buyers intending to use the property as their residence, local governments, and other eligible buyers. It caused all one-unit to four-unit family dwellings […]

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When Can You Break A Lease In California?

Acceptable Reasons This is not something for you to try without talking to a professional but, (these statements come from Chris Barta, JD. Mitchell Hamline Scholl of Law, writing for NOLO): You are starting active military duty.The rental unit is unsafe or violates health or safety codes.Your Landlord harasses you or violates your privacy rights.If […]

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Letter of Intent

Efficient Negotiations This is a favorite form of mine. When I bought or sold apartment houses, I used it all the time. It saves a lot of time and time is money. Instead of writing up a complete binding offer, you would write up a simple form that explains the conditions under which a buyer […]

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Social Security Of course, many people would say, that does not surprise us. But this error concerns Social Security payments. Compounded or Not Compounded An author in the LA Times, Ms. Weston, had made a statement that the Social Security payment goes up 8% a year for the years between 66 and 70. She said […]

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