Job Interviews

Interview Performance Your life will many times change up or down from your performance in a job interview.  Being involved in this process for years I do have one conclusion. The graduates of today have not been taught how to handle interviews.  Not before, not during, and not after. This is a problem that should […]

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business woman drop dollars in the air

Time to Check Unclaimed Money Again

Every Year, I Post a Link Concerning the Vast Amounts of Unclaimed Money with the State of California. Every year, I get an email from someone who took less than a minute to enter their name or name of relatives, friends, etc. They will tell me that they found some money for someone dear to […]

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Academy Awards

So Many Movies, So Little Time. This year there are many repeat winners in all the different contests. The Director’s Guild, Producer’s Guild, Screen Actor’s Guild and others should know what they are doing. And they have shown agreement in many of the awards. Remember one rule in predicting the Oscars. Do not consider in […]

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AB5 is a Threat to Small Business

New Sacto Super Hero Never heard of Jay Obernolte until today, but he is my new Sacto Super Hero. He states in an Orange County Register Opinion Page article, January 25, 2020, that AB5 has created some major problems for many of his constituents. Many opinion writers are great on opinions but not so great […]

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More AB-5

Why? This law was sponsored by Lorena Gonzalez of South San Diego County. She believed that companies were classifying workers as Independent Contractors instead of employees. This was to deny them protection of Minimum Wage, Overtime, etc, etc, etc. Lorena did not speak to any friends, associates or acquaintances. Real Estate Licencees and many other […]

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Seminar Company Busted

A Colorado-based MLO Education Company MTI, Don Exley, Carey Green and Billy Glenn “Bart” Bartholomew and employees stole copyrighted SAFE MLO Test questions without authorization, causing damage to SRR and compromising the integrity of the SAFE MLO Test. Penalty SRR revoked MTI’s NMLS-approved course provider status and barred Don Exley from ever being associated with […]

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