Supreme Court Rules on CFPB Constitutionality

SCOTUS Case Pending Many of you might have heard that there was a case pending before SCOTUS concerning whether the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was unconstitutional. This is their decision. A couple of my comments follow. This case was started by a law firm, Seila Law, in Orange, CA. The CFPB wanted to investigate them […]

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Sample Questions from DRE Reference Book

Sample Exam Questions Ever wonder what the exam questions will look like when you turn on your computer at a DRE Testing Center? On a recent flyer we posted eight sample questions from DRE. Take a look at them and check your answers. It could prove interesting. 1- A valid bill of sale must contain: […]

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DRE Expirations Extended Again

For the best explanation we are presenting here FAQ #10 from the FAQ’s for Executive Orders N52-20 and N69-20. Timeframes / DeadlinesExecutive Order N-52-20 Executive Order N-69-20 Total April 16, 2020 through June 14, 2020: ·  timeframes associated with examination application expiration dates ·  timeframes associated with license expiration dates ·  deadlines related to the […]

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