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Deadline for MLO CE Submission Is December 19th

41722506 – closeup hourglass clock on light blue background Only 40 Days Till Our Last MLO Webinar CE Class For 2020: Time Is Wasting, Register Now! To register, for more information, or to see our Schedule:  https://www.duanegomer.com/catalog/nmls/schedule_mlo2020_w.asp  Check us out; here are some comments from a recent webinar; you will enjoy your day. The Webinar […]

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Final Baseball Thought

Boomers, what do you think Bob Gibson, Don Drysdale or Juan Marichael would have done to Kevin Cash if he would have come out of the dugout to take the baseball from them if they were pitching a shutout after five innings in the World Series? Drysdale would have thrown it one inch below his […]

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Conduct Unbecoming at a MLO Webinar

Attempting to complete the meeting in your car, at a Starbucks, while barbecuing, or in an area known for bad reception. Trying to sign at 9:05 for a 9:00 meeting and you have lost passwords and other needed information. Using an old computer, outdated software such as Windows XP, unsupported web browser such as Internet […]

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a sunny day dodgers baseball game at dodger stadium


Rules are Rules Ted Lyons, Chicago White Sox, pitched a 6-0 no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox. In 1 hour and 7 minutes. Today it would take 1 hour and 7 minutes for the ninth innings as networks and MLB want to advertise more. Some managers would take him out in the 7th or 8th […]

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Story For Boomers

Intercollegiate Tennis Some boomers may understand this post. On August 19th, 2020, Renee Richards became 86 years of age. When I met her, she was named Richard Raskin. I met her at West Point in the Eastern intercollegiate Tennis Tournament. In the round of sixteen Richard beat me. The next day in the New York […]

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