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Words From The Past:

In The Past Years I Presented Many Live Seminars Up to six a week sometimes.  It has been a sincere pleasure and especially gratifying when students from the past, past, past have come up and told me that they had used some of my advice over the years.  A couple of quotes from them: To […]

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Happy Birthday To Kaylee Gomer

Another Gomer November Birthday DJ and I send the best wishes to a PERFECT GRANDDAUGHTER. You are a winner in life. Twelve letters in High School. Top Academic honors in High School and College. Leadership positions in College and High School. And now after a four year degree at UCLA you have a fantastic job […]

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affordable housing representing low cost house 3d rendering

Affordability In California Housing

Those Words Do Not Seem To Belong In The Same Sentence It is a true oxymoron. But are there any ways to speed us to more affordable housing? Jon Lanser Published Some Of His Thoughts On The Subject, Tongue-In-Cheek I Believe Some of them are speeding up the market so that the 300,000 vacant rentals […]

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reading the news on a digital tablet


Potpourri The Supreme Court Will Reconvene On Oct. 2nd The one case that I will be watching regards the Redrawing of Congressional Districts, addressing whether redistricting can be unconstitutional if it’s too partisan. One Study Rated The AI Assistants It placed them in this order: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple. Sorry Siri. Kiplingers Says That The […]

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cartoon of a businessman pulling his hair out as he sees a huge book of new regulations.

Mnuchin And Dodd Frank And Trump, Etc.

Shortly After Donald Trump Assumed The Duties Of President: He ordered Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin to prepare three reports on the financial regulations in the U.S. and then dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act and other strict Banking Regulations.  The first report of 150 pages was released on June 12 and discussed the Dodd-Frank Act. The report […]

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