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An article was published in the Orange County Register written by celebrated columnist Helen Dennis. Some good ideas from Doctor Thomas Peris who wrote the book, “The New England Centenarian Study”. Here are 10 suggestions: 1. Exercise regularly  2. Manage stress  3. Eat right 4. Don’t smoke 5. Have a sense of humor 6. Don’t be neurotic   7. Be charismatic  8. Be spiritual  9. […]

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Some Brief Thoughts, Points, and Reminders About the “Fiduciary” Duty You will Have to Your Clients as a Real Estate Licensee

Wayne Bell, who was the former California Real Estate Commissioner and Chief Officer of the California Department of Real Estate, is an outstanding attorney and writer. I asked him to share his thoughts on a concept that all real estate licensees must know, and he drafted a brief piece on the fiduciary duty which is imposed […]

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2023 is Here. Time to Renew, Recharge, and Reflect.

Dear Friends,  2023 is here. Time to renew, recharge and reflect.. 1) Every DRE renewal must now complete an additional 2 hour Implicit Bias course and a 3 hour Fair Housing Course with an Interactive Participatory Component. Want to view a sample of the course? Click here. Then, sign up for your renewal for only $60. Good for both […]

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Appetizer crostini, tapas, open faced sandwiches with pear, prosciutto, arugula and blue cheese on white marble board. Delicious snack, appetizers


Google says that they are a “snack taken at the bar with drinks.” Our youngest daughter on her birthday got to select the restaurant and went Basque again. This means TAPAS. To me, Tapas are, “extremely small portions, extremely small plates, and extremely high prices.” I want more than a tapa; I want a birthday […]

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American Soldiers Saluting US Flag


The other day I heard some expert on a very sophisticated podcast answer a call-in question concerning VA Loans. The person said, “I am considering getting a VA Loan”. The expert responded that they should stop considering it because their fees are too high then went on to another boilerplate topic. I thought that Veteran […]

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Pour red wine

Is Alcohol In Moderation Good For You?

Lots of disagreements on this subject. Some time ago, the New York Times published an article by Aaron E. Carroll that stated that one to two drinks are “good for your health.” It created many responses with many disagreeing with that statement. So the author published a follow up story with more data, and he […]

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