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Dining And Wining

There Have Been Many Discussions About entertainment and meals deductions under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The answer is different for each. A reference that you might check is IRS Notice 2018-76.  Put that in your browser and you have your answers. My understanding is that deductions for entertainment, amusement, or recreation are kaput, […]

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Gift Tax Rules Are Misunderstood

Most People Understand The Gift Tax Exclusion Of $15,000 Per Person Per Year As a couple you can give $30,000 to a child and no tax, no report, nothing. You can give the $30,000 to as many people as you want. Now, If You Go Over The $15,000 Let’s say my wife and I give […]

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Vern Hoven – Tax Guru

Of All The Tax Pundits That I Have Heard Vern Hoven Is Prime His classes are a step above. He has written a client letter that Real Estate Professionals can use. Check it out: “Dear Duane, We have created a client letter for you to use to help your clients understand how the new taxreform […]

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Real Estate Agent: More Money??

  The National Association Of Realtors Has A Herd Of Attorneys Analyzing The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act There is some good news for agents who qualify as independent contractors or pass-through business owners with personal service income. Here Is An Excerpt From Their Latest Article On The Subject: “Major Provisions Affecting Real Estate Professional” […]

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