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mediate and legal mediation business concept as a businessman or person separating two boxing glove opposing competitors as an arbitration success symbol for finding common interests to lawfully solve a conflict.

CFPB Rides Again

New Bank Loan Regulations on Arbitration Clauses Earlier this month, Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced a new set of rules concerning arbitration clauses in bank loans. The new regulations would not eliminate all arbitration clauses, but it would eliminate clauses that made it impossible for victims to form class action […]

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Arbitration Awards are Not Easily Overturned

Suppose an arbitration award is based on the arbitrator’s erroneous understanding of the law.  Then you appeal the award and get it reversed, right?  Probably not.  Courts are extremely reluctant even to hear appeals of arbitration, much less to reverse them.  A recent Federal Court case ( Sotheby’s International Realty v. Relocation Group, U.S. Court […]

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Law book


The Summer 2014 issue of the Real Estate Bulletin, produced by the California Bureau of Real Estate, announces that the Bureau has finalized its authority to issue citations and assess fines without first going through a lengthy, and sometimes expensive, process of administrative hearings.  The details of the “cite and fine” program can be found […]

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