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Dining And Wining

There Have Been Many Discussions About entertainment and meals deductions under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The answer is different for each. A reference that you might check is IRS Notice 2018-76. ┬áPut that in your browser and you have your answers. My understanding is that deductions for entertainment, amusement, or recreation are kaput, […]

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New Agency Disclosure Bills

The State Of California In Their Fashion Has Passed Two New Bills AB 1289 and AB2884. They were sponsored by CAR. On both bills the final votes in the Assembly was 80-0 and in the Senate 39-0. Not too much controversy. CAR calls them “clean-up legislation” and they changed large segments of the Civil Code […]

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When Is A 3 Day Notice Not Three Days?

Under Current Law A tenant has three days to respond to an Eviction Notice and five days to respond to an Eviction Lawsuit. New law (AB 2343) just signed last month states that weekends and court holidays will be excluded when figuring deadlines. This gives tenants more time in certain filings and according to David […]

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Assembly Bill 2618: Landlords And Managers Take Heed

There Is Another New Bill In Town This bill involves education requirements for Landlords and Managers. It is in the Assembly and just passed the Judiciary Committee by a vote of 7 to 3. Now, it has been moved to the Appropriations Committee. Basically, the bill will require that Landlords and Property Managers complete 4 […]

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2018 Some New Laws From California

2018 New California Laws You can’t smoke or consume marijuana in any way, while driving or RIDING in a car on California Highways. State officials will do more to crack down on misusing disabled driver placards. Next, single drivers in diamond lanes (if I were a king). Minimum pay will be $11.00 an hour for […]

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