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The Government had the opinion that certain lenders were “refinancing” VA loans too often, and the loans were not always in the “Best interest of the Veterans.” They wrote some new regulations. Now, when you make VA loans, you have to be familiar with the terms “Net Tangible Benefit, Loan Fees, LTV Ration Loan Seasoning, Disclosures, […]

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Important Information This information is important for DBO’s, DRE’s, and FDIC’s. The alert on 5/29/19 is especially pertinent. The title is “Website should not be confused with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.” New Techniques Scammers keep coming up with new techniques. It is our job to protect our clients, friends, and the public. For a […]

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Disintermediation: “This is the relatively sudden withdrawal of substantial sums of money from savings and loans, banks, etc.” It could be an interesting number to watch in the coming months. Disintermediation occurs when inflation rates are high and bank interest rates are stagnant. The depositors believe that they can get better returns by investing in […]

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