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Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Versus Lunches

Prior To The New Law My Simple Understanding Of Tax Law Was: Business Lunches With First Tuesday:     50% Deductible Lunches For My Outstanding Staff For My Convenience:   100% Deductible New Regulations Effective January 1, 2018 And For My Tax Return Of March 15, 2019: Business Lunches:   Same Lunches for my staff:    50% and not deductible […]

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IRS And Their Collection Efforts

In A Previous Article I Mentioned That IRS Was Hiring Collection Agencies To Help Them Collect Delinquent Tax Payers. It did not go well. In A Report From The Agency’s Taxpayer Advocacy Service, They Spent $20M In 2016 And 2017 To Collect, Wait For It: $6.7M And There Is A Question About $1M Of That […]

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A Little Humor From IRS Tax Quotes From Their Website

“Taxation with representation isn’t so hot either.” — Gerald Barzan, humorist “Income tax has made more liars out of American people than golf.” — Will Rogers “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax.” — Albert Einstein “I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States, but I could be just as proud […]

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IRS Is Now Hiring Debt Collectors

From An IRS Announcement In June 2017: The Internal Revenue Service began a new private collection program of certain overdue federal tax debts selecting four contractors to implement it. A bill passed by Congress in December 2015 requires IRS to use these agencies. The contractors must follow the consumer protections of the Fair Debt Collection […]

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