Veteran Administration Might Be Looking Good About Now

There are many benefits to brokering VA loans. These are nice people and should be assisted in getting housing. The benefits of these loans are vast, but here are ten:

  1. No Down Payment Required for VA Loans
  2. Funding Fee Flexibility With a VA Mortgage
  3. VA Mortgages Do Not Require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  4. Limits on Closing Costs and Other Fees Associated With VA Loans
  5. More Lenient Credit and Income Requirements With VA Loans
  6. Loan Flexibility Related to a VA Mortgage
  7. No Prepayment Penalty With VA Loans
  8. VA Loans Do Not Have An Expiration Date
  9. The VA Can Possibly Help You Avoid Foreclosure
  10. You Can Assume and Refinance VA Loans
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