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I Have A Movie To Recommend!!!

As Most Of You Know There Have Been Few Outstanding Movies For The First Months Of 2017 Unless you like sequels, violence, vulgar, animated, etc. Then, of course we all have different tastes so it is difficult to tell someone where to spend money. As a matter of fact, last year’s Oscar winner was not a […]

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Groundhog Day 2017

Groundhog’s Day

I never had any faith in Phil predicting the weather when I was going to Indiana University during the cold and rain, but I sure did enjoy the Bill Murray Movie, Ground Hog’s Day. Any movie that ends with a Nat “King” Cole song has to be fine. Harold Ramis wrote it and Andie M. was outstanding […]

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Let’s Talk Movies

Everyone is a movie critic, as I believe I am. Some use thumbs-up, stars, checks, numbers, but I will just say, “Should you watch or not watch a movie”? MCFARLAND; This small farm town just north of Bakersfield made the papers some years ago when a bunch of the students who worked the fields won […]

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