Some Movies For Baby Boomers

Stars of Our Age

Many of the people in real estate fit in this category. Different authorities state different benchmarks, but to be a boomer you must be “around” 57 to 75 years of age. I have just noticed several movies that have stars of that vintage.

Here Today“- Billy Crystal in a comedy about dementia.

On The Rocks“- Bill Murray as a dominating Father and Grandfather, a comedy

Queen Bees“- Ellen Burstyn (remember her, she won an Academy), also with Ann-Margaret, James Caan, Jane Curtin, Christoper Lloyd

Let Them Talk“- Meryl Streep (remember her, she won an Oscar), also with Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest 

AND, Mel Brooks just released a new book on November 30th, (remember him, he won an Oscar).  Name is “All of Me“. Order fast for Christmas, rumor is that Amazon is already out of stock.

Enjoy. See you at the Academies.

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