Who Is This Ted Lasso?

The Sit-Com King

When the TV Emmys were announced, it seemed like we had not watched very many shows. But we have shows we love and do not miss. At one time I was considered the “Sit-com King”. Didn’t miss All In The Family, Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart, Mash, etc. They morphed into The Jeffersons, Maude, Rhonda, etc.

This year the one comedy that got the most nominations was “Ted Lasso”. I have read about it (U.S. Football Coach in England coaching “English Football”). Would love to watch it, but it is only on Apple TV. We have HBO, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, etc. This gives us access to shows that received 330 nominations.  But no Apple TV and no Hulu at this time. My question is simple and so I am asking you experts. Is the Ted Lasso show worth the cost of getting a new service? I have seen three of the Comedy nominations, Blackish, Emily in Paris, and Hacks. However, none of those should be mentioned in the same post as the ones above.

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