Stories From The Field – Judgements

Settle or Not Settle?

When you complete an eviction, you get a judgement and then a writ of execution. The judgements are normally worthless. You could paper your garage with them and get more value.  

However, there were times when other actions might be feasible. The evictee might be a person who would have a possibility to someday have some funds. Then, I would record the judgement in LA and Orange County.  

Most of the time the efforts brought nothing but a few times I would get a call years later. The person (sounding very legal) would ask if I would like to settle the judgement for a discount. My question would be, “Where does he/she want to buy a home?” I would get paid off in full or the person did not get to buy the home they were looking at. Justice is blind and sometimes it does grind slowly. Those times were priceless. 

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