Stories From The Field – A Very Bad Tenant

Rude Tenants

In a building in Studio City we had a very bad tenant. Noisy, rude, narcissistic, racist, and other points North. However, he did pay his rent (one time using a racist slur and throwing Pesos at my manager). The tenants wanted him out and the manager wanted him out and I wanted him out. We filed all the paperwork and got a document that had to be filed personally. We could not catch him. The Deputies could not catch him, and he ignored their door pounding. He would watch until our managers were not around and then run quickly to his room and lock the door.

I called a meeting of the tenants and explained our predicament. I told them that I would give each of them a copy of the filing. Whoever touched him with it or dropped it in his presence would get a $100.00 bounty. One of them got him within a few hours. They had a fine party with $100.00 of beer, etc. The eviction went fine from then on. Our attorney was locked and loaded. Just another day at the office.

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