Stories From The Field – Condemnation

Volatile Tenant

Another property was one of my very first purchases in Milwaukee when I saved money from working in Europe, officiating basketball games and teaching at the Air Base for the University of Maryland. This was a three-unit in an older area of this older city.

A tenant was rather strange. She would yell and break stuff and get mad and put holes in the walls and tear down electrical fixtures. Sidebar, the County paid her rent on time every due date so no eviction that way. The final time she broke many items and then called the County Inspectors. They told me that I had to make it livable or they would condemn it. I asked, “Do you condemn all three units or just the one?” They said that they condemned only the one. I said, “Go ahead”.

Found that a health condemnation was much faster than a contested foreclosure.

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