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Huey Lewis and the News.

A favorite of so many fans. A couple years ago it was announced that he would not be singing on any new albums. He was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a disorder affecting the inner ear that can trigger spells of dizziness and hearing loss. He could no longer hear the notes, all he heard was cacophony. He stated in one interview that no one knows exactly what brings on the attacks or how to cure them. He is right and it is so tragic that the disease changed his life so drastically. 

This is a topic upon which I have done a lot of research. I can add with authority that there can be ringing in the ears, vomiting and fatigue. Yes, I suffer from the same disease. 

Around 1990 I started experiencing severe attacks. I would have to stay flat on the floor near a toilet. Went to many doctors and had many tests and they were puzzled. We had several medical books at our house and our fourteen year-old daughter found information about Menieres and the name of an agency that specializes in the malady.

We went to the House Institute in LA and they said that yes, you have Menieres. What can I do? Watch what you eat. Moderate use of sugar, nicotine, caffeine, chocolate, tobacco, and others. And the typical, exercise, sleep, etc. 

Following this plan the attacks have been minimized. But they have been there. Two times it has affected seminars. I had one at Palm Desert just as I finished, but the worst that I can remember was at Cambria about 10:00 in the morning. The Seminar was definitely over. I had to go to the restroom and stayed there for about 6 hours. The medics were called, but fortunately they were familiar with the symptoms and checked me out and left me to sleep it off. Had to get up, dust myself off and start all over again the next day in Salinas. 

It does affect your hearing. In the last few years I was having trouble hearing questions from the nice quiet people in the live meetings and I missed so many hilarious sayings from the students. 

At the moment I have not had an attack in many years. Let’s just hope and pray they are over. Huey is a much younger gentleman and I sure hope they find a cure or a treatment for everyone. Going to miss you Huey and your harmonica.  

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