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Great To Hear From Our Students. Here’s A Recent Sample:

“Good Morning Duane;

I was in your Code of Ethics class yesterday.  Wanted to share a little story with you that is related to your exercise you had us do meeting someone new. Networking.

I am licensed and practicing in Jupiter Florida, where I have been working for 15 years now.  Two years ago my husband and I relocated back to OC, and I obtained my license here.

While attending the required orientation for the board, I went around on one of the breaks to meet all the vendors. One of them was a photographer.  She asked me for a card so I gave her one from each brokerage, California and Florida.  She looked straight up at me with such surprise on her face and said “You work in Florida?  This is so strange but I feel like we met for a reason. My father-in-law just passed away and we need to list his place in Florida. Will you list for us?”

I did take that listing and sold it and she did take my photos.  Your advice was spot on – networking works!  Just thought I’d share.”

J. P.

The Exercise:

“At the break go and meet somebody new. Introduce yourself I recommend you ask “Where did you go to high school?” Great networking question.

You should repeat the name and ask for a business card. It has worked for me for many decades.

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