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2018 Foreclosure Problem

A Close Amigo Of Mine Called To Discuss A Friend’s Problem She was getting cheated on a Trustee Sale of a home worth more than $1M. The home had a $400K+ loan and a second that was foreclosing for, let’s say, $130K.  The lady was getting bad legal advice, no action, and it went to […]

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Duane Gomer Student Update:

In The Past I Have Mentioned Interesting Items From Some Of My Students I was reading the L.A. Times years ago, and it said that Pete Sampras had listed his unique Lake Sherwood estate for $25 million.  I didn’t even need to read the entire article to know who was the listing agent.  It was […]

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Test Your Knowledge

In My Different Classes There Are Many Questions That A Majority Of The Students Fail To Answer Correctly I would like to present a few of them here for your enjoyment. The answers follow the questions. In California our loans involve a lender- Beneficiary, a borrower-Trustor, and a Trustee who handles reconveyance or any trustee […]

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Special Alert To All California Mortgage Loan Originators

Duane Gomer Education Has Begun Our LIVE 2018 8 Hour MLO Continuing Education Classes Don’t be late. Do It Now. I will be personally teaching two upcoming sessions. September 25th at the Carmel Mission Inn, and October 3rd at the Orange County Realtors. The complete schedule through the end of year is listed here in both Location […]

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Words From The Past:

In The Past Years I Presented Many Live Seminars Up to six a week sometimes.  It has been a sincere pleasure and especially gratifying when students from the past, past, past have come up and told me that they had used some of my advice over the years.  A couple of quotes from them: To […]

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Regulations Update: Broker, Sales, Notary Licenses Or Commission

There Is So Much Confusion About Getting A Real Estate Broker Or Salesperson License Or A Notary Commission Hopefully, this will answer any questions you may have now or later. Salesperson License To qualify to sit for the Department of Real Estate Salesperson Exam you must: Complete college-level statutory courses in Real Estate Principles, Real […]

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My Friend, Federal Judge

Andrew Guilford Mentioned That Joel Mallord And He Had Written An Article About baseball’s Infield Fly Rule in 2015. It is written as a legal brief and was published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. At that Joel was a clerk in Andy’s office. In him college life he had been the head person […]

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Real estate manager and house flipping and management concept as a person juggling three homes as a residence manager or property agent managing a business challenge for profit.

Property Management Questions

Last Week Somebody Asked Me For Any Ideas On How To Grow A Property Management Company The answer I wrote might be of interest to other readers so it follows: Join Apartment Associations and attend their meetings. Get your CPM designation through NAR as soon as possible. Start on the courses so you can state […]

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