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Millennials Using Social Media With Icons

Facebook Users Have Grayer Hair

Facebook Users 79% of 18-49 year olds use Facebook while only 40% of 65ers+ use it. This is a decline for the 65ers+ demographic compared to past years. With new apps springing up, Facebook has some true competition. Facebook has more than 2 billion users and is used by 74% of Americans.  Facebook has the […]

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LIVE Classes For DRE Licensing, Notary Courses, and MLO Education Yes, we do LIVE classes for DRE classes, Notary Courses, and MLO seminars. However: If you cannot make any of our LIVE classes please know that all of our courses are available online at . You can take courses to qualify for the State Real […]

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LIVE Classes Attend our LIVE MLO class and become updated on all the latest regulations and rules. There have been many changes in the last year, and they will be covered in our 8 Hour LIVE Continuing Education Program. LIVE is Better. Many¬†students say that it is quicker and ends procrastination where you keep putting […]

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More Networking

I Was Having Lunch At Claim Jumper Years Ago With My Very Good Friend Terry Yapp He is a highly respected Real Estate Practitioner in Mission Viejo. I met him when he was farming my home in MV years ago. When the bill came, it was his turn to pay. He put his credit card […]

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We Get Emails

Great To Hear From Our Students. Here’s A Recent Sample: “Good Morning Duane; I was in your Code of Ethics class yesterday. ¬†Wanted to share a little story with you that is related to your exercise you had us do meeting someone new. Networking. I am licensed and practicing in Jupiter Florida, where I have […]

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