Want To Land The Better Job?

Yvon Nguyen, CEO Of VANT4GE, A Marketing And PR Agency In Orange, CA. Gave A Recent Talk To Cal State Fullerton Business Students

The Topic: “The Business of You” and discussed the fact that landing a job these days is all about branding and marketing yourself. I am always amazed at how many marketing and other majors end up in jobs outside their “major”.

Yvon had some fine ideas and reminded me of classes at Indiana University about that first interview. Today, the focus has changed but the old truths still hold. And yes, some bosses and head-hunters do check social media. Forget the “cute” photos with the beer in your hand and get the photos of you volunteering at some important charities.

Some Quotes:

  • Employers want you to have some soft skills, such as eagerness, focus, teamwork, flexibility, and they say, “We can teach tech skills, we can’t teach personality”.
  • Do a balance sheet on your strengths and build your Brand around them.
  • Google yourself. And work on your public image.
  • LinkedIn and Instagram: They will show your achievements and what your life is about?
  • In your posts get some serious content such as business articles in your specialty.
  • Consider an interview as a presentation, and I would add the old cliche which is still right, “You have one chance to make a first impression”.
  • Google The Company: When I interview someone, I actually ask, “Did you google us, and do you have any questions?” Left unspoken is the question, if not, why not?

She Mentioned One Factor That I Still Remember From Old IU

Rehearse your handshake and first introduction. From IU: hold but not too long, firm but not too firm, eye to eye but drop eyes after four seconds for a second, smile this is California (so smile even though you are aching), posture in walking and sitting.

Dress like you should dress but appropriate. Have your presentation outfit always ready.

And even though Yvon is of the new generation she talks old school about one thing. When done, send a thank you note not just an email. That sets you apart and sometimes you do not know it but you and one or two others are tied in the thinking of the people making the decision.

You experienced people, what have you seen applicants do wrong. You must have some good stories.

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  1. Neil Steadman April 14, 2018 at 3:18 pm #

    There are always good reasons to send a “Thank You.” Thank you for the reminder!

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