Going to The Seminar at NAR

In a previous post I stated that each year David Knox from the Twin Cities is one of my favorite instructors at any National Association of Realtor’s Convention. Why? He is quick, witty, does outstanding voice impressions, has excellent content for salespersons, energetic and charming, etc. etc. etc. It is a pleasure to watch him operate.

One story he told that I have always appreciated (because I have been there):

Seller Says: “How much is the commission?”

Agent Says: “6 percent.”

Seller Says: “How much is that?”

Agent Says: “$32,650”

Seller Says: “That is a lot of money.”

Agent Says: “Yes, it is.”

Seller Says: “Will you reduce your commission?”

Agent Says: “No.”

Seller Says: “Why not?”

Agent Says: “Because I won’t make as much money.”

I just love that interchange.

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