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Richard Simmons

My Richard Simmons Story

Richard Simmons Is Known To Millions Of People As The Fitness Guru. He worked for many years with people who were overweight and claims that he was responsible for millions and millions of pounds lost. Many people will remember him from his TV shows and other media outlets. He was a character in every sense […]

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luxury sports car speeding on a highway at the sunset

A Story From the Road

Story Background For many years, I personally instructed seminars around the State of California doing about two weeks a month in No. California. The amount of materials involved required that I drive up and back. More than 40K a year in miles. One Time I Finished the Week-Long Venture in Sacramento. I had dinner to […]

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luxury cruise ship sailing from port on sunset

What is the Best Cruise Line?

Travel and Leisure knows. They Have Been Evaluating Cruise Lines Forever. The best for 2016 is Viking Cruises. This same rating is given by Cruise Critic, Berlitz Cruising and others. This is even more amazing when you realize that Viking only recently started ocean cruises. Many of you already know about their outstanding River Cruises. […]

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John Wooden Photo

My John Wooden Story

The Success of John Wooden John Wooden retired from coaching in 1975 at what most folks considered was an early age (65). He authored several books and did some keynote speeches around the US of A. In Southern California, Coach lectured at many Real Estate Meetings, and I was fortunate to hear him many times. […]

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Pile of Money

More on Our Friend Warren Buffett

Being Warren Buffett In my last newsletter, I recommended the latest documentary film on “Being Warren Buffett”. Several of you have seen it since¬†and complimented the movie. So if you have not seen it, check it out. His Laguna Beach Home for High Sale Recently, an¬†article in the Orange County Register headlined that Mr. Buffett, […]

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Academy Award Envelopes

Movie Time 2017

Academy Awards are Coming Up. Get Your Ballots Ready. A quick reminder of the nine movies nominated: Hell or Highwater, Hacksaw Ridge, Fences, Lion, Moonlight, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, Hidden Figures, and La La Land. The movie that is expected to win at this stage of the season is “La La Land”. This is […]

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