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Mr. Wonderful’s Show Comes To Town

Mr. Wonderful’s Show Comes To Town Got a flyer in the mail the other day about a new FREE seminar and FREE lunch at the nearby Double Tree Hotel. My friend, Hal Morris, had also received the same flyer. Hal and I for many years, and I mean many years, have gone to these seminars […]

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Potpourri, Just Thinking

Semper Fi; A landlord in Dana Point, who will remain nameless, would not rent to a Marine family, because they might vacate if he was deployed. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing disagreed with this premise. Under a settlement, said owner will pay $4,500.00 and undergo training on fair housing laws. Sounds right to […]

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Points of First Contact

Points of First Contact Just finished a CAMP Conference in Coronado. It reminded me of a course that I was required to attend at Indiana University before I could graduate with my BS in Production Management. The Course Was “Introduction to Interviews” And I believe that the course was a major reason for many years […]

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Alaska: The Last Frontier

Reached One Of My “Bucket List” Items The Other Day Because of a mis-spent youth playing tennis at IU and in the Navy etc., I visited many states. Then, took driving trips back and forth between California and Wisconsin. A few years ago, I realized that I had visited most of the 50 states. Missing: […]

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Ever Wonder How Much People In The News Earn?

How Much Are They Earning? In a previous post, I mentioned Richard Cordray who heads the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and all the troubles that he is having with Congress and the Banking Industry. For suffering with the pressures of this job, I imagined that he would be making the “big bucks”. His salary this […]

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HBO Hits Another Winner For Me

HBO Hits Another Winner For Me Last newsletter I mentioned that DJ and I loved the movie, “Get Out”. This time I want to mention an HBO special, “Wizard of Lies” starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. You all know the story and the ending, but it is really worth watching if Business movies […]

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Small Cities Review By My Favorite “The Kiplinger Letter”

To Quote: “Many thriving small cities figure to power ahead, outpacing the U.S. average for job creation as employers look for places with skilled workers and lower living costs. Among the fastest growing.” St. George, Utah: Tourist and retirees seeking pleasant weather and great national parks Bend and Redmond, Oregon: Also, tourists and retirees and […]

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