Jordan Cohen

Headline in LA Paper: Realtor Scores for Pros

The subject:  Jordan Cohen of Westlake Village ReMAX Olson Associates.  Why the title?  He has sold homes for among others Reggie Bush, Pete Sampras, Marcus Allen, Kobe Bryant, Marilyn Manson, etc. etc. etc. Seeing an article about Jordan/ReMAX Olson really brings back the old memories.  First, Jordan’s parents were two of the nicest Real Estate […]

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Duane Gomer March Madness

March Madness Has Already Begun

Prepare Your Brackets Have you all prepared your brackets?  Last year my entry ended quickly as I picked Wichita State who was undefeated going to the Dance to win it all. The NCAA gave them such tough first games that my Bracket was done the first weekend. For all bracket watchers who are picking by team colors, etc., […]

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Can You Sue Your Credit Card Company

Can You Sue Your Credit Card Company?

Did you know that in the small print of your agreement with your card company, there is probably a clause that states there is mandatory arbitration required whenever there is a dispute?  We have given up our right to sue and to form any type of class action lawsuit. Some critics say that this is […]

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What Movers and Shakers are Doing Today

What Are The Future Movers And Shakers Thinking Today

According to the National Survey of college freshmen from the UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute (which has done this poll for 49 years),  the general  overview shows that college freshman party less and worry more about money than previous graduating classes. The percentages for College Freshman who: Feel that financial success is very important or […]

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