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Some More Myths Of Real Estate

#1-  Can A Notary Notarize A Document For Their Buyer In A Transaction? Yes, the laws allow it, but lenders and escrow companies and your broker might not like it. #2-  Is It Legal For A Broker To Work For More Than One Company? Yes, if the companies all agree. #3-  If You Have An […]

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Myths Of Real Estate

All BRE Licensees Are Realtors False, the Realtor Associations are basically Trade Associations, optional to join, and fees are required. Some of the people who do not join include many Loan Brokers, Property Managers, Commercial Agents and licensees inactive at the moment. Right now about 180,000 Realtors and 240,000 not Realtors. All Realtors have access […]

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Why Should You Take A Live Duane Gomer Seminar?

Our Company Specializes In LIVE Courses To Become A Real Estate Salesperson Or Broker, A Mortgage Loan Originator, Or A Notary. We also have LIVE courses to renew all of these licenses. We offer courses only in California, so we know the territory much better than out-of-state companies. First Question: Why take LIVE? 1. Pass The Exam On Your First […]

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