Want To Pass the Real Estate Salesperson and Broker State Exam the First Time?

Newly Licensed MLOs with Thumbs Up

Your Objective

Your objective is to pass the California Department of Real Estate exam on your first try. Without spending an excessive amount of time preparing for it. Without spending an excessive amount of money on it. Without studying other excessive textbook information that is not designed to help you be successful in the practice of Real Estate.

Your Solution

Your Solution: Duane Gomer Education’s One Day Exam Prep Course.

#1- Because of the validity of our course materials, we believe that you will pass the exam after attending our one full day class.

#2- We are so sure of this, that we offer a “NO Pass State Test-No Pay” Duane Gomer Plan. Ask about the details.

#3- Experienced instructors like Virginia Baert, David Lovenvirth, Minnie Lush, Tom Morehouse, Randy Newman, Randy Turnquist, and Judy Wagner.

#4- Outstanding 377 page Reference Book stressing topics that have appeared on State Exams in the past.

#5- One whole day designed for passing the Exam. You cannot work until you pass the Exam.

#6-Our exclusive online Flash Cards help you improve your memory on important items.

#7-Practice exams, practice exams, practice exams all for you.

#8- The State Official Glossary from the Department of RE online for easy study.

#9- No need for Week-long or Two-Day Programs. We are all busy! Sign Up. Study. Attend our One-Day Class. Pass.

#10- Not familiar with us? We are recommended by Many Realtor Associations, Top Companies, Top Producers, etc.

#11- Your time is too valuable to fail an exam causing you to reschedule and restudy.

#12- Latest data on the DRE Report (RE 149) is that 50% of the people taking the Sales Exam fail. Do not be one of those.

#13- For more information: Call 1-800-439-4909; Email [email protected] or go to DuaneGomer.com .

See you in class.

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