The Misunderstood 70/30 DRE CE Regulation

Exemption Particulars

Many years ago the California Association of Realtors prevailed on the State legislators to pass an exemption to the regulation requiring real estate licensees renewing a license to complete 45 hours of Continuing Education. This regulation is still in effect today.

The exemption: California Business & Professions Code 10170.8 states that the provisions of CE requirements shall not apply to any real estate licensee who submits proof satisfactory to the commissioner that he or she has been a real estate licensee in good standing for 30 continuous years in this state and is 70 years of age or older.  A licensee in good standing is one who holds an active license which has not been suspended, revoked, or restricted as a result of a disciplinary action.

Real Estate Commissioner’s Regulation 3012.3 provides that the licensee shall retain good standing if they renew without expiration or within the two year late renewal grace period after expiration, without requalification through an examination.

We have students all the time who meet this standard and still sign up for the 45 hr CE course. BTW, there is no regulation that says you cannot take the courses after you are 70 and 30.

So for the two most asked questions. Does licensure in other states count? And the answer is no. Does the time in a grace period count? And the answer is yes. You can probably guess how I feel about this exemption.

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