Robocall Calls

Are They Increasing?

Let’s hope with the primary elections over they might go down a bit. Let’s hope so. I got the, “Grandpa, I am in trouble call” and the “You owe the IRS money call” recently, and I do not need the updates from the Santa Rosa fires since I am about 400 miles away.

The New York Times Had An Article In May About How You Might Repel Or Better Retaliate

You must not answer any unknown call. Answering and arguing with them is counterproductive and must I say, “Stupid”.

You should register your numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry, but that is not a panacea according to government officials. Why not do it and report some of the numbers?

Turn To Technology:

There are some apps like True-caller, RoboKiller, Mr. Number, Nomorobo and Hiya which will block some calls. You-mail will stop your phone from ringing and deliver a message that your number is out of service. Some phone companies have tools to combat the villains.

Check out Jolly Roger Telephone Company. They have your call go to your own robot who strings the caller along. Takes up a lot their time. I am going to check this one out.

BTW, watch for the question, “Can you hear me?”. They want you to answer yes, and will patch that into some other call showing you have ordered some product.

The Scammers Are Increasing The Abilities Of The Robots

They can really imitate live callers with coughing, laughing, etc. Some countries are going to have to step up and start punishing some of these scammers.

Why Do They Keep Doing These Calls?

Because they make money on volume at little cost, with little chance of retribution. What happened on my Grandpa call?

Well, they knew his name was Grant and started a message. I simply asked, “Hi Grant, where did you go to school in 8th grade”. Click.

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