9 Safety Tips on Social Media

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has tips to safeguard your online activities that were published in a recent Orange County Register article.

  1. Never upload pictures that have location info in them, and experts recommend turning off your location service on your phone.
  2. Never post your location.
  3. Never take pictures that include credit card receipts or bills.
  4. Never take pictures that show your car’s license plate or landmarks near where you live.
  5. Never drop a pin on Googles Maps.
  6. Never check in or post on Facebook your everyday routine or info about vacations.
  7. Never share or post date of birth, home address, SSN or Phone numbers.
  8. Never post details about your children’s school.
  9. Never permit anyone to see your social media profile unless you know them.

See anything there that you might consider?  People are getting robbed and assaulted, so you be careful out there.

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