As Mark Twain Said, “Her Death Announcement Was Premature”

Last Week While Reading Facebook, I Saw A Strange Posting

It stated that a young lady, a Facebook/Real Estate friend, had died suddenly.  She’s active on Social Media so there were many shocked comments with questions about conditions, etc. on her FB page but there was no response.  Friends tried to call her, etc. etc. etc. to no avail.

That night after many hours, another post came that said she had lost her phone. A neighbor stopped her and gave her the news.  Someone had gone on Facebook through her account and said that she was dead.  Sick, Sick, Sick.

Why Post This?

To remind you, whenever you are not on your social media of any type, log off.  I was at the NAR Convention and used one of the communal computers placed in the Exhibit Halls.  The prior user had left their email account open.  I could have sent emails to all his friends and others from his address back and been vile and obscene.

This Happened To Me

Another company called a past student of ours.  She said, “I use Duane Gomer”.  The caller said “You know that he passed away”.  Not yet.

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