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international handicapped symbol painted in bright blue on a shopping center parking space. the space is clearly marked on either side with additional white diagonal stripes.

Type of Law Enforcement I Endorse

A Recent Article in The Los Angeles Times Discussed a Program That the DMV Has Rolling. Their investigators are checking the credentials of the people who park in Handicapped Parking when they should not be doing so. This, I strongly agree with as I see so many instances where I am positive the person who […]

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What Movers and Shakers are Doing Today

What Are The Future Movers And Shakers Thinking Today

According to the National Survey of college freshmen from the UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute (which has done this poll for 49 years),  the general  overview shows that college freshman party less and worry more about money than previous graduating classes. The percentages for College Freshman who: Feel that financial success is very important or […]

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Housing Forecasts for 2015

Housing Forecasts for 2015 – Favorite Source Kiplinger

Single-family starts:  770,000 from 646,000 Multifamily starts:      370,000 from 355,000 New-home sales:      523,000 from 439,000 Existing home sales: 5.25M from 4.9M Year end 30 year mortgage rate:  4.2% from 3.8% Year-end price change: up 6% from up 4.6% Some reasons for the expected solid year:  First-timers are coming back, 28% now to over 30%, in good […]

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