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Each Month, the CalBRE Sends Me Form RE 149 By Mail.

This form is not on their Website and has to be requested by mail, I guess. I have been getting it for decades. It lists the number of Licensees, prior year info, renewal rates, new license numbers, transfers, exams, pass rates, investigations, audits, accusations, subdivisions and all things in between.

For someone in the education business, it is priceless and that is good, because free is great.

The Stats I Received Are From Feb 17

There is a comparison for 2016 and 2015. The number of 2016 licensees was 278,271 salespersons and 134,106 brokers for a total of 412,827. Two years ago, the total figure was 402,326. So over two years, it has increased by only 10,501. That is low. At its peak in 2008, the number was over 548K.

What Does This Mean to Me?

The amount of sales at this time are almost equal to sales back in the good old days. And there are 146K fewer agents to split the pie.

Time to get a license now. Be ready for the new Inventory Storm.

Passing rates on exams are at 53% for the Salesperson License and 54% for Brokers. Last year the rates were 50% and 47%. Time to get that license is now.

Other Stats:

  1. The amount of transfers for this fiscal year is 21K and last year it was 27K. Licensees are happier with their company now.
  2. On Jan. 2015, a bill sponsored by CAR was passed that concerns brokers. A person can no longer use, for example, a four year degree in Business Fiance to forego the two years experience rule to qualify for the State Exam. Now the only degree accepted is a major or minor in Real Estate, and there are not many schools around here who offer that major.


Two years ago, there were 4,901 broker exams scheduled and this year only 3,239. A drop of over 33%. Yes, the number of brokers is dropping, while the number of salespersons is increasing. There will be a shortage of brokers soon.Salespersons with two years experience, start thinking broker.

It is a fact that Broker Associates make more money, have more flexibility, and are more educated. And need I remind you that passing rates are extremely high this year. Who knows what happens next year. I guess, the CAR Directors did not want many college graduate brokers entering the field.

Of course, I am biased on this topic. I want you to become brokers by coming to my company. Call 800-439-4909 or email [email protected]. I may be biased, but still be right.

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