What’s Happening at the California Bureau of Real Estate

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What’s Happening At The California Bureau Of Real Estate

The almost secret RE form that is so valuable to anyone who wants to discover what is happening in licensing, exams, passing rates, renewal rates, investigations audits, accusations, hearings, subdivisions, etc. is RE 149. And it is free.

Students And Company Personnel Ask Me How They Can Subscribe

I do not see it anywhere on the website. I got mine by simply writing a letter to BRE and asking, “please send it to me”. I know that most people do not trust or believe that snail mail ever has any legitimate purpose, but try it. The address of BRE is 1651 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95813.

What Did I Learn This Month Which Was The Last Month Of Fiscal Year 2016-17?

  1. Broker passing grades for the year were 54%. That is a large improvement over two years ago of 42%. If you are interested in %’s, that is an increase of about 28.571428571%. What it means to me as an Educator, schedule your exam now, catch the happy wave.
  2. Salesperson’s passing rate also stayed at 54%. That is the about the same for the last two years. Still a high percentage. Everybody thinks that everyone passes. About 1 out of 2 test takers pass. If you are at a table testing and the person next to you looks really smart, you might be one of the 46%. You have to study.
  3. There were 53,102 tests scheduled and only 46,819 tests administered. That means that 6,283 never showed up. They took all the courses, and then missed their scheduled date. They probably took the exam later but that costs money. Sign up, take it. Suck it up.
  4. End of June in 2016 there were 414,048 licensees. End of June in 2017 there were 415,458. That is an increase of 1,410 licensees in a year. The highest total that I ever saw was in 2008 of about 548K. The difference between this year’s total and the maximum is about 132,542 licensees. At a pace of 1,410 newbies per year it will take 94.0014184397 years to reach the max again. There is room for you in the field of RE. Associations, start recruiting.
  5. License Renewals Rates: 89% for Brokers and 81% for Salespersons. About average for this average market. Some people pass away and some retire, etc.
  6. There was a really big increase in one type of investigations: Consumer investigations went from 1,492 to 3,029. That is an increase of 103.016085791%. Have to ask someone in command about that stat.
  7. Brokers totaled 134,947 one year ago. This year the total was 133,542. The number coming in is less that the number going out and I believe that this will increase even more over the next few years. Could it be because of the Regulation stating that someone with a PHD Degree in Finance with an MBA in Management and a BS in Accounting is not worthy of sitting for a Brokers exam but someone who sat in a remote office for two years and never sold a property can take the Brokers exam? Can someone explain that to me? At a leakage rate of 1,410 per year in 94.7106382979 years, there will be no brokers except for Bob and Nancy Hunt in San Clemente.
  8. Okay, I ranted about the Brokers Qualification situation. Before I finish my other rants I want to say that I consider CAR an outstanding organization and the BRE is the best that I have seen since 1961, but I do disagree with a couple other regulations. Someone can only test on 15 hours of Continuing Education every 24 hours, but they could test on all 8 Broker Courses in one day which would be considered about 1,160 hours. Someone who has a sanction on their record for a trust fund violation can still be a Broker or Salesperson and write checks on a trust fund, but they cannot teach a Continuing Education or Statutory Course. Continuing Education classes have to be renewed every two years at a cost of $500.00 per course (plus time to get new approval), and you need a minimum of at least seven courses at a cost $1,750 per year, while Broker Course do not need to be renewed.
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