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AB5 is a Threat to Small Business

New Sacto Super Hero Never heard of Jay Obernolte until today, but he is my new Sacto Super Hero. He states in an Orange County Register Opinion Page article, January 25, 2020, that AB5 has created some major problems for many of his constituents. Many opinion writers are great on opinions but not so great […]

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More AB-5

Why? This law was sponsored by Lorena Gonzalez of South San Diego County. She believed that companies were classifying workers as Independent Contractors instead of employees. This was to deny them protection of Minimum Wage, Overtime, etc, etc, etc. Lorena did not speak to any friends, associates or acquaintances. Real Estate Licencees and many other […]

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Single Family Landlords

Tenant Protection Act of 2019 AB 1482 is in full effect. Most all individually owned single family rentals are exempt. But you must notify your tenants of your exemption. Rent Cap and Just Cause Addendum 12/19 I’m using CAR form RCJC, 12/19, a three pager. Good luck.

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Independent Contractor vs W2

AB 5 is in effect. Would be interesting to know what all of your companies are doing. Especially, for example, Lyft, Uber, Grub-Hub, and others. Exemptions As we know, Real Estate Agents are exempt along with Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Engineers. One IRS definition states that a Real Estate Licensee selling Real Estate is exempt. Just […]

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State Rent Control – Assembly Bill 1482

The bill will restrict landlords from raising rents by more than 5% plus the regional Consumer Price Index which is about 2.5% in any year. Again in this bill there are exceptions. Less than ten years old, and buildings owned by landlords with 10 or fewer single-family units. For more information:

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Independent Contractor Law Change – Assembly Bill 5

A small number, a big change for California. It codifies a stricter set of requirements laid out in a California Supreme Court decision regarding the classifying of employees. Simple English: More 1099’s will become W-2’s. You should check to see who lobbied and got exceptions. Doctors, dentists, insurance agents, stockbrokers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and real […]

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Interest Rate Caps – Assembly Bill 539

This bill is waiting signature by the Governor as of 9/16/19. His comments on payday lenders during the 2018 election indicates that he will sign it. This is the first change in 30 plus years. Lenders can ONLY charge 36% plus the Federal Funds Rate which currently is 2%. This rate applies to loans from […]

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