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House auction concept. Gavel in front of model of house.

What Some Advisors Tell You

Judicial Foreclosures I’ve had some more questions about Judicial Foreclosures recently.  Homeowners are worried about having a judgment deficiency rendered against them. No non-recourse loan (Loans put on at time of Purchase of a home) can use the Judicial Foreclosure.  A Judicial Foreclosure takes about 1 ½ years to get to court and there is […]

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2018 Foreclosure Problem

A Close Amigo Of Mine Called To Discuss A Friend’s Problem She was getting cheated on a Trustee Sale of a home worth more than $1M. The home had a $400K+ loan and a second that was foreclosing for, let’s say, $130K.  The lady was getting bad legal advice, no action, and it went to […]

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