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Real Estate Agent Handing over Keys to a House

What Do You Do When a Seller Wants to Stay in Property After Close? Ask Mr. Hunt

Why Do Sellers Stay On Property After Closing the Deal? It is very difficult for sellers to completely plan the “exact” date of departure. Lenders, Escrow Officers, Buyers, Inspectors, Regulators, Transaction Coordinators, and others can do things entirely unannounced that can change dates. Also, sellers sometimes believe if their Purchase Escrow is delayed, their Sale Escrow […]

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San Clemente High Signing

Proud Grandfather; Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt – A Man of Multiple Roles Anyone who has read my emails or Facebook posts knows about Bob Hunt, the celebrated Writer, Realtor, Ethicist, etc. from San Clemente. I have forwarded many of his articles, and we just completed a Collection of the Best of Bob Hunt’s Articles, over 200 pages of Real […]

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Buyers who qualify for FHA and/or VA mortgages are frequently shut out of purchasing opportunities because there are many condominium developments that have not obtained approval from the FHA or VA.  A recently-approved law in California aims to help rectify that situation. On Wednesday, August 12, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 596 […]

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Personal Assistants Still Not Independent Contractors

There has been a fair amount of celebrating in the real estate industry over a recent Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that upheld the independent contractor classification of real estate salespersons.  However, not only is the decision in Monell v. Boston Pads a rather narrow one, based on an unusual circumstance in that state’s law, but […]

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NAR Danger Report

NAR Report Tells Where Dangers Lurk

Last week we discussed the D.A.N.G.E.R. Report that was recently released by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).  NAR commissioned Stefan Swanepoel and his T3 group to prepare the report on threats facing the real estate industry.  D.A.N.G.E.R. here stands for “definitive analysis of negative game changers emerging in real estate”.  The report’s results are […]

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Arbitration Awards are Not Easily Overturned

Suppose an arbitration award is based on the arbitrator’s erroneous understanding of the law.  Then you appeal the award and get it reversed, right?  Probably not.  Courts are extremely reluctant even to hear appeals of arbitration, much less to reverse them.  A recent Federal Court case ( Sotheby’s International Realty v. Relocation Group, U.S. Court […]

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Sometimes when everything goes right we have trouble accepting that fact. Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more clearly illustrated than in the case where a seller receives a good offer right away. The annals of real estate are well stocked with stories of sellers who refused to take a good, but not perfect, first offer, […]

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Homeowners Association Documents

Who Pays for Association Documents?

When a condominium is sold, who should pay the cost of providing the buyer with various HOA (Homeowner Association) documents, the buyer or the seller? The purchase and sale of a condominium unit can often be more complicated, involve more paperwork, and have proportionately higher expenses than the sale of a free-standing single family home. […]

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