Would You Like To Be Untethered?

CBRE, The International Real Estate Brokerage Office, Has Gone Untethered

Employees had no choice, even top executives, as they now roam freely on the top two floors of a Bunker Hill tower.  No assigned desks or offices.  You can join peers in a “neighborhood” or plop down on a modernist couch.

The Chief books an office by the day plus there are no family pictures, top salesperson trophies, etc.  You can take everything home or use an assigned locker.  This is designed to make workers more efficient and attract young techies.

Years Ago And Far Away In Racine, Wisconsin

Four blocks from my home, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a building for Johnson’s Wax with no offices where everyone in that very large company worked in one big room.  It made an impression on me, and if it can be arranged with no problems, I have always sat in the “big room” with the customer service staff.  I believe that I can better see what is going on and make corrections.  Perhaps, the staff is not always in favor of it.

Final Note:

Do not make any negative remarks about Johnson’s Wax.  At a very low financial day in my senior year at Indiana University, a very substantial check arrived from them as an incentive for “deserving students from Racine”.  I will use EDGE and PLEDGE forever. A shout out for my sister, Judy Gomer Greenquist, who worked her way from the Secretary Pool to Top Dog Assistant for Chairman of the Board, Sam Johnson.

Final Note Two:

After several years, Johnson Wax, went back to a traditional office arrangement.  I guess people still liked the corner offices.

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